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Zapya – File Sharing, Transfer v4.2 Direct Apk For Android

Download the app to send files via WiFi Zapya - File Transfer, Sharing v4.2 Android - mobile version of Windows

Zapya using your software on two Android phones that you want to transfer files between them installed and files at very high speeds of nearly 10 Mbps transmit.

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Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing renowned software to transfer files using the high-speed WiFi technology for smartphones and tablets Android.Always transfer files between phone users have been problems. Bluetooth file transfer via wireless transfer speeds are very low and requires due process is complex. To help you transfer largefiles over Wi-Fi applications are presented. Zapya one of them. Zapya using your software on two Android phones that you want to transfer files between them installed and files at very high speeds of nearly 10 Mbps transmit. Zapya has dedicated file manager app that photos, videos and songs etc to categorize and you can easily access all the files you choose your mind each and with a pulse to send it on do. There is also the possibility of forming groups and mass transit files. The newly released version of Windows software for wirelesstransfer of files from the phone to the computer is possible. Read more in training to work with software for long-term fansAndrvydkdh is located.

The Windows version allows you to share your phone’s Internet wirelessly without the need for wireless modem and router is provided.

Download the app zapya with Windows

Full Training + training programs share the internet using a computer by zapya

Google has not released the Windows version of the program is provided only by the manufacturer’s site

Working with zapya:

Abtdar software on the phone that you want to transfer files between them installed. Environmental and run software like the image below you will see:


One of the phones the option to select Create Group.


After the second phone group Search and Join the options and then find the name of the first phones to choose from.


After connecting through the app itself, you can submit your files.

Use Windows version:

Using the Windows version, you can transfer your files and also share the Internet with your phone to your computer.

After installing the Windows version will now see the following window you can select search and join seller via phone and connect to your computer


One of the other features of the Windows version for mobile computers to share the Internet is enough to do on the internet to choose the third tab and tick the press Falsary

3Now that the program is listed by your phone wirelessly with a name found also listed on the top of the page and enter the password of the Internet fun.

Features Zapya – File Sharing, Transfer

– Wirelessly sharing files among devices on Android, iOS and PC

– Fast data transfer speeds of 10 MB (maximum wireless speed)

– No need to modem or wireless router and allows you to send files everywhere

– Share some files via WiFi

– Share photos and access to photos within the app itself

– Share videos bulky super speed

– Share songs and access them individually in the application

– Sharing games and apps installed on the phone without having to apk file

– Share any file on your phone’s memory

– Has more than 50 million users across the web

– Share files using QR code

Version 4.2

– Added the ability to transfer files

– Fixed some bugs Previous

Changes in version 4.1.4:

– General bug fixes and performance improvements program

Changes in version 4.1:

– Redesigned UI / User friendly more

– Help users to connect properly and directly, scan the code QR, it is easier to make friends.

Discover new content easier and more convenient

– Debugging

Changes in version 3.7.1:

– Bug fixes

Changes in version 3.7:

– Added new method of sharing files using QR code

– Added more tips to connect the app to Apple devices

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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