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YoWindow Weather v1.24.9 Direct Apk For Android

Download Android App forecast weather YoWindow Weather v1.24.9 - with trailer

With this app, you can check your area’s climate and predict. The program is able to simulate the environmental and climatic conditions show it to you.

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YoWindow Weather a unique program in forecasting the weather for Android phones and tablets. This app is like a wizard circumstances of each region with pictures and scenes realistic simulation. For example, if in place rains or snows, snowy or rainy program showing pictures of items you will notice that at the time of sunrise or sunset or in a region, they also provide realistic images it shows. Meteorological data are collected from the meteorological organization. It was a very nice user interface and visual information when appropriate to show your current location.

YoWindow Weather by Developer RepkaSoftbeen released so far won the super 4.7 out of 5 rating on Google Play and sold at the price of 210 Russian rubles.

Features YoWindow Weather

– Weather forecast for today and the next few days

– Weather forecast widget

– Providing a vision tailored to the user’s current location

– Art and beautiful interface.

– Easy management program

Version 1.24.9

– Bug fix outages alarm clock on Android 4

– Fixed a bug of update time and weather in certain circumstances widget

– Bug fixes the keyboard to change the name of the place

– Added animation with high resolution reflects light rain

– Bug fixes some reason the program crashes

Version 1.21.1:

– Added Wallpaper YoWindow

– To see the icons in landscape mode option “Full Screen” to unlock

– Easy viewing app icons on the desktop with the option “Dark Glass”

Support ultra-high resolution displays

Version 1.20.5:

– Existing moderated collection clothes More

– Added a new car model

– Added ambulance model

Version 1.18.5:

– To open the Alarm Clock application, tap the clock icon.

– Offer the perfect dress for men for every season

– To hear new sound effects, tap the icon of the bus.

– Police car

– New model cars

– Redesigned icon for Material Design

– New design management places

– You can see the characteristics of the location of the side menu.

Version 1.16.8:

– Fixed a problem do not display the correct time navigation bar

– To hide the detailed information of weather on tap and show again when temperature to touch.

Version 1.16.2:

– Update instructions Material Design

Improve product quality

  • Android version required: 2.3.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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