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Yahoo Mail – Stay Organized! v5.7.1 Direct Apk Download

Yahoo Mail app download Yahoo Mail - Stay Organized! Android v5.7.1

This program allows you more easily without the need for browser and your email in Yahoo and Google and Outlook in a beautiful environment and with more features not Czech.

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You definitely need to manage email on your phone you have to find a comprehensive application. To date Yahoo Mail apps so if you have ever experienced nearly 500 million downloads of Google has not installed on your Android device, now is the opportunity for you. The app, which scored 4.3 of 5 points in registration of more than 3 million people have played a role.

Yahoo Mail – Free Email Yahoo official app for managing your email and Android tablets is on the phone. Using Yahoo Mail   You can easily get your emails to your friends and acquaintances Czech and email. It has all the capabilities of Yahoo Mail, and allows you to more easily without the need for browser and your email Czech, also looks very beautiful. Feature allows you to access the message box, the possibility to send new email, the possibility to choose some emails to do things collectively, access to a number of Yahoo mail in one place and allows you to change the background theme noted.

Features of Yahoo Mail – Stay Organized!

– Managing user accounts in Google, Outlook, AOL or Yahoo mail in an easy switch

– Attach a lot of photos and videos in email

Search all messages, contacts, files and photosfaster than ever

– The use of smart phones to sort your emails by category

Pressing down on the Compose button for jotting down a message to yourself

– Stay on the news and knowledge and magazines to read Yahoo

Enable key to enter the account without a password

– Never emails Do not clean yourself with 1000GB space

Version 5.7.1

– Added ability to search folders

Changes in version 5.5.3:

– Yahoo sync contacts with your phone: Now you can access all the contact information of users in your account.

– Easily edit the contact information: add, removeand change fast data directly from the app

Changes in version 5.4.5:

– Express their attitudes and status using animated GIF – congratulations, suggestions, and your laugh and cry without typing your speech.

Access and send documents, photos, and files stored in Google Drive and Dropbox cloud accountsof the connection

View the last email received with home screen widget

– Show the number of new messages received with an icon on the Home screen widget

– Type and send a quick e-mail from a home screen widget

Changes in version 5.3.4:

Customize the themea new color scheme for the mailbox (inbox) of your choice. Whether the screenis too bright? Or dim darker themes more to your inbox.

Rename your accounts – into account their unique name such as “Personal” or “Work” by long pressing on an account in the system, consider the switch between accounts.

Create and manage folders in Mobile – Now youcan create, rename and delete folders on your phone or your tablet to do.

Changes in version 5.3.1:

– Added possibility to customize the theme

– Added new color scheme mailbox

– Added dark theme

– Added possibility to change the account name

– Create and manage folders

– Rename the folder

Changes in version 5.1.1:

– Fixed a bug send notifications

  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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