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YAATA SMS Premium v1.23.11765 Direct Apk For Android

IATA message management software download YAATA SMS Premium v1.23.11765 Android - mobile plug

Messages sent and received using the software yourself IATA much more professional than before and with more features manage.

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YAATA SMS Premium software is a new messenger that affects your Android gives Android a real spirit! IATA is an app SMS / MMS that has a lot to offer, you can set up your whole program needs to be addressed in this context. This software is very powerful, reliable and fast, different from other existing applications and yet only 3 MB in size. The program is very user-friendly SMS and all the demands of professional and novice users to fix it. It supports various multimedia send and receive images, videos, audio, and so on indefinitely and support you as your needs so you can not send or receive files. Send SMS and MMS delivery reports for both methods to its users and makes sure to get the message. With this program you will know at first glance which messages have been sent or received at what time, since the objects are grouped by date. The background color for the SMS group, on the same day with another day is different, so the time to send or receive messages easily recognizable.

YAATA SMS Premium by Developer Kajo AndroDev supply, and so far so good 4.4 out of 5 rating on Google Play earns official download has registered more than 100 thousand.

YAATA SMS Premium Features

Supports unlimited sending and receiving multimedia: images, videos, audio, vCard and gif files

Delivery report for each SMS and MMS with the option to save delivery time

– A group chat

– Ability to write with delay

– Support for scheduling Send Message

Convert SMS to MMS

– Gathers archive

A blacklist

– With automatic forwarding

– Ability to auto-reply

– Ability to copy and paste text

Backup and restore settings

3 different style widget to desktop

– It has 3 quick response style

Version 1.23.11765

– Ability to turn off notification service Chathead


Preview MMS notification

– Send MMS to Email

– Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 1.21.10735:

– Added write answers directly on Android N

– Bug fixes storage v-cards

Version 1.20.10595:

– Added new menu Call (contact image Tap to open a menu upon him)

Version 1.19.10408:

– Improved menu pop-up message

– Fixed a bug FC

Version 1.19.10241:

– Fixed a bug FC

– The ability to turn on a transparent backgroundfor pop-up window

Version 1.18.10081:

– Improved overall app performance

Changes in version 1.17.9304:

– Performance improvements and bug fixes

– Added Wallpaper

Share place (Android 6.0+)

Ability to select the conversation when you share

– Added YouTube video thumbnails

Send automated messages when connected to a network

– New message pop-up menu

New batch mode

Ability to change the style of MMS messages.

– Filtering messages by tapping the title bar

– Tapping the header above date to go to a specific date

Version 1.17.825.0:

Performance improvements

Bug fixes, new feature improvements

Changes in version 1.15.7344:

Faster startup software

– Added display bubble style messages

  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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