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As dazzling adventure that has fantastic graphics up with great detail and at first glance, any user will be surprised. Follow the game in the third person and has a complex story.

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Play Eisenhorn: XENOS title is intriguing adventure that has just been made by Studio Pixel Hero Games and with a price of about $ 6 Google Play Store are presented. The game has been leading the vote with a total of 18 people rated 4.2 out of 5.0 download has experienced more than 50 times.

As Eisenhorn: XENOS can heaviest to date the most graphically and also knew that the game has been released for the Android OS. The story of the Xenos book was inspired by a book written by the famous author Dan Abnett and has won numerous awards from various festivals. Eisenhorn: XENOS you will be in the role of someone named Gregor Eisenhorn who is a member of the Ordo Xenos, also known as Detective ones. The task of protecting the human race against the game’s main character is anything you against the course of the game will be operating and dangerous threats.

The story can be Eisenhorn: XENOS one of the most complete and most attractive stories in Android games, he said. Raw Story is not in any way involved from beginning to end of the game you will definitely head and shoulders above most other games is at least in terms of story. The game’s graphics will not leave any words.Environment Eisenhorn: XENOS entirely in 3D design and detail is very high and perfect that at first glance you will be surprised. It is also figure design and animation work has been wonderful game so that it can be compared in terms of graphics with console games.

Some critics about the game Eisenhorn: XENOS:

– A third-person adventure title that is very rich and stunning – POCKET GAMER

– Is simply mentioned as one of the games in the App Store’s luxury – APPLENAPPS

Features Eisenhorn: XENOS

– Explore the stunning environment for the game using the skills, power equipment and special characters

– There are different and unique characters to complete missions and story play

– Each character in the game has unique skills and equipment are

– Versatile and powerful weapons available in the game

– Voiced the main character played by actor Mark Strong

– Full support for physical controllers

Tips on the run game

– Play as many graphics and stunning detail is above and only on the phone with powerful hardware will be applicable.

– For smoother gameplay experience other apps to stop running.

  • Android version required: 5.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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