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Xender: File Transfer, Sharing v03/03/1025 Direct Apk For Android

Zehnder file transfer software download Xender: File Transfer, Sharing v3.3.1025 Android

Files including documents, music, photos, videos and applications to help yourself with other high-speed WiFi Technology share.

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Xender: File Transfer, Sharing transfer and file sharing software for Android phones and tablets.Do you need a tool to transfer files between phonesor between your phone and your computer?Zehnder is a fun way to share a file transferprograms. The program can help you to various files from documents, music, photos, videos and applications to share yourself with others with high speed. This application allows you to transfer files between Android and iOS, PC, MAC or Chromebooks do in the context of wifi technology.From the other applications that use Bluetooth, cable and Internet-based applications and data outside of your head. Zander is one of the software that you have on your phone or tablet and Kapmyvtr to transfer large files easily between devices. Xender has dedicated file manager app that photos, videos and songs etc to categorize and you can easily access all the files you have. Thus, each of the files you’re looking for with a pulse can choose to send it. It is also possible to form groups and there is also a file transfer.

Xender: File Transfer, Sharing presented by the developer Xender Team for Android users and has so far scored very good 4.3 out of 5 on Google Play and has recorded over 50 million downloads is official.

Features Xender: File Transfer, Sharing

No USB, no Internet, no data!

– Wirelessly sharing files among devices on Android, iOS and PC

– Share some files via WiFi

– Send ultra-fast file in seconds

Supports up to 4 devices to share files in groups

– Share photos and access to photos from within the app

– Share videos bulky super speed

– Share songs and access them individually in the application

– Sharing games and apps installed on the phone without having to apk file

– Share any file or folder on the device

Version 03/03/1025

– New logo

– Removed in-app purchases

– Debugging

Changes in version 3.2.0718:

Reduce the size of the installation file

Reduce energy consumption

Corrected a problem connecting to specificdevices

– Fixed a crash bug on certain devices

– Fixes a malfunction in the download whenconnected to PC

Changes in version 3.0.0924:

Fixed minor bugs

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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