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World of Goo as the idea of a creative, engaging and entertaining that ever has experienced nearly a million downloads.

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One of the challenges that gaming companies are always faced with the idea of the game. If the idea of playing: innovative, intriguing and fun, game guarantees success but it was a creative idea can even the most graphically Android games also bring to its knees. Fortunately, the team behind the challenge of 2D BOY well as innovative and Google have released the name of World of Goo.

This is on the puzzle genre, but not as complicated and boring for you pose riddles that can be seen in most games of this genre. World of Goo, but you’ll undoubtedly encounter with different gameplay so far as they have not experienced in any of the Android game. World of Goo, thanks to innovative ideas, attractive graphics and fun gameplay has over 500 thousand downloads from the Google Play store has experienced. This price equal to $ 4 America as it is in Google won a very good rating of 4.7 out of 5. This score was recorded that more than 30 thousand people were involved.

The story and the gameplay is very simple, smooth and is quite understandable. At each stage of the game you have a limited number Goo need to bring them together and viola. It will eat in the early stages of the game will be a simple glass, but with advances in stages, more challenges you are facing and will work harder for you. Germany also included numerous more attractive games where you can use it as well.

The game’s graphics are also quite acceptable at first glance simply notice that 2D BOY respect for the audience is allowed. In our opinion, the graphics and the gameplay is quite charming and lovely so that the beginning of the game will fascinate you.

Features World of Goo

– Graphics interesting and exemplary

– Different gameplay and fun

– The idea of the game

– Games that showed the value of its high price.

– High popularity on Google Play

If you’re a fan of puzzle style games and want to experience different gameplay in the style of World of Goo do not miss!

Version 1.2

– Added ability to play online

– solving problems

  • Android version required: 2.2
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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