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Walking Dead: Road to Survival v2.6.3.35672 Direct Apk + Data Download

Play dead: a way to save Walking Dead: Road to Survival v2.6.3.35672 Android - mobile data + trailer

In the form of a role-playing game and a well-known story of the novel is taken to the war countless zombies and zombie team, along with its cache unparalleled mission of the game completed.

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Walking Dead: Road to Survival game “The Walking Dead: a way to save” a fascinating, fun and very popular Android operating system in the style of role-playing games that have been made by Scopely Game Studios. The title of Android games due to a remarkable graphics, design elements, good role-playing gameplay and fascinating theme styles can be one of the best options for those interested in role-playing games plumbing and zombies are. It is worth noting that the game has now won a 4.2 score by more than 220,000 users all over the globe in the Google Play store.

In this game you have to battle zombies are in the midst of death and hours of entertainment, in the spirit of performance pay. You are decisions that can determine survival or death of you. In a completely innovative game and the style of the famous novel, starred, to attract apocalyptic trainees who have been rescued from the clutches of zombies, and the reign of evil engaged’m a crazy man fled. Zombies have destroyed and using a deadly arsenal that you have to pay survivor rescued. Fighting strengthen your team and go to battle with enemies. You are able to consolidate their base pay and the use of resources and achievement of its mission and the Dreamcast, its combat capabilities bump it up though. You can also unite with other groups and friends.

Features Walking Dead: Road to Survival

– Optimal graphics and design

– A rich story line and stunning

– RPG worthy of praise


– Ability to customize weapons tailored to the needs of the team at the Town Hall Level 8

– Gathers Token Display

– Minor updates and bug fixes

Version 2.5.34082:

– Improved user interface and gameplay

– Better control of the game

– Ability to upgrade weapons needed

– Ability to manage your team

Version 2.4.33466:

– Added the ability Long-Press (hold)

– Changes in Adrenaline Rush

– Updates and bug fixes for improved game performance

Version 2.3.33309:

– Added new mission, named SCAVENGER

– Optimize your team to achieve maximum potential

– Bug fix and optimize technical performance of the game

  • Android version required: 2.3.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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