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USB Audio Player PRO v3.3.0 Direct Apk For Android

Download the music player with USB USB Audio Player PRO v3.3.0 for Android

Powerful software for playing audio files on the connected USB flash or an Android phone or tablet with the ability to bypass the restrictions by otg audio is available in the Android OS.

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USB Audio Player PRO for Android OS is a powerful player with quality. Software USB Yvdyv Player can play all audio files of your mind, but the main use of this application to play audio files on the flash memory. The program works with most Android devices are compatible with the pace of accomplishment files. The software provides a graphical playlist that you can customize according to your needs and taste they are. With this program you can high-quality media player with support for 32-bit resolution DAC, etc. experience. If you’re accustomed to excessive use of headphone audio circumvent the limitations of the Android OS with this program is quite possible. With the help of a USB flash OTG cable connected to your smartphone and enjoy this app.

Currently, the DAC works properly following:

– Alo Audio The International

– Audiolab M-Dac

– Audioquest Dragonfly

– Benchmark DAC 1 HDR

– Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100

– Centrance Dacport LX / HiFi M8

– Cypherlabs AlgoRhythm Solo

– FiiO E7 / E10 / E17 / E18

– Go Vibe DAC

– HiFimeDIY Sabre U2

– HRT Microstreamer

– Ibasso D-Zero / D55 / D6 / D7

– IFi nano iDSD / micro iDAC

– M2TECH hiFace TWO / DAC / Joplin

– Meridian Explorer

– Musical Fidelity V-DAC II

USB Audio Player PRO eXtream Software Development presented by the developer and has so far won an excellent rating is 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play. This professional software despite having a price of 6.99 euro bought more than 10 thousand times officially. Now you can get this software for free from Andrvydkdh.

Features USB Audio Player PRO

– Play files wav / flac / ogg / mp3 / DSD / aiff / aac / m4a / ape / cue / or other (even 24-bit or 32-bit)

Supports USB audio DAC connected by a cable OTG (if your device does not support USB)

– Supports UPnP / DLNA

– Broadcast network files using Samba shares (should be run on Windows and NAS)

– A 10-band equalizer

Shuffle playback / repeat files

– Sample rate conversion

– The use of Android playlists / Play albums or playlists created you from a list of songs

Version 3.3.0

– Added option buffer size Network

– View the volume level below the volume slider

Changes in version 3.1.7:

Update of native Russian construction

Added distance between the scroll and the icons 3 point

– Switching between tracks with different sample rates

– Fixed a crash bug program

Changes in version 3.1.1:

– Support Android 7

– Bug fixes do not change the songs in the native playback of DSD

– Fixed a bug indelible default Priest equalizer parameters

Changes in version 3.0.3:

– Use the new database system has all the audio formats, including DSD

– Added Shell Material Design

– View the Grid of albums and artists

– Added the composers

– Added sorting by album name, artist, album, year, date

– Use of new mechanisms playlist

– Work out the missing adjust the volume when you run the app in the background

– Added UPnP content server

– Manually entering the intensity value for Graphic Equalizer

– much more!

Changes in version 2.6.4:

– Fixed a bug unchanged for display on devices with a screen size of 4.3 inches and less

– Fixed a bug Hide jpg format in the Browse folders inside cover music

– Fixed a bug lack of storage volume settings

– Fixed a crash bug when adding a file to deploythe application or request the meta data of a songin the network

Changes in version 2.6.1:

– Support multi-channel files DSD (two channels used for the first time)

Changes in version 2.6.0:

Added option to increase playback

– The possibility of using .cue files for combination with DSD files

Added the ability to adjust the quality to become DSD- to-PCM to DSD playback on slower devices

Optimize Subject decoder

Resolves issue with 64-bit DSD files

– Fixed a bug in the program start Meizu phones

Changes in version 2.5.7:

– Added item “View meta” in the options menu forsongs

Change the appearance of the application and notification widget and cover Allium

– Post meta data via Bluetooth

– View and embedded meta-data for files .dsf

– View Embedded album art when playing music network resources

Changes in version 2.5.0:

Resolved an issue in USB audio drivers that currently allows high sample rate of 96kHz to play

Error FLAC files are now commonly overlooked

– Playback of mono MP3 files

– Correctly rotate the screen on Huawei phones

  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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