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Transformers: Earth Wars v1.32.0.14475 Direct Apk For Android

Play Trnsfrmrz: land battles Transformers: Earth Wars v1.32.0.14475 Android

Mgatrvn enthusiast or highway? Decide who you want to be the exterminators or its saviors. One of the two parties chose to participate in the Battle of amazing games.

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Transformers: Earth Wars fate of Earth is in your hands. You who will determine who try to save the earth or try to destroy it. A strong team of giant robots such as Optimus Prime, Mgatrvn, Bamblby and many others, formed the battlefield and go.Decide on Dsptykan team will play a role or highways. Plan an impenetrable base and it uses a variety of items to equip the enemy can not take it as a disadvantage against you. Participated in mercenary wars and defeat the opposition with authority. Paul has created a space and support forces from Saybrtrvn bring to the ground.

Mgatrvn and other teams are Dsptykan Mhajmsh that have invaded the Earth. They seek the destruction of the earth’s natural resources are to get Anrgvn. Transformer for life because they need this type of fuel. At this time Optimus Prime, a tactical team deployed from the platforms to the ground to resist the threat Dsptykan. The battle started on earth and Dsptykan the greatest threat our planet has ever seen come to the earth. Which one are you? The game has beautiful graphics, three-dimensional next to exciting gameplay, full of spectacular Ezequiel highways and Dsptykan can unrepeatable experience on Android phones and tablets brought you. A diverse range of platforms and Dsptykan characters in the game, each with their own characteristics. So base your impenetrable and his numerous troops stationed make to defend the Earth against the invading forces.

Game Transformers: Earth Wars title attractive, exciting and beautiful for Android is an operating system simulator and arcade style by Game Studios Backflip Studios has been made. The title of Android games due to a praiseworthy three-dimensional graphics with very high detail and the character simulated Trnsfrmrz movie series, will be unforgettable for fans of robot characters this effect, an the good news is. It is worth noting that the game has now won a 4.5 score in the Play Store is the Android users around the world.


Features Transformers: Earth Wars

– Battle on the highway or Dsptykan

– Gathers popular characters Your robots

– Create and promote your own base

– The possibility of forming alliances and chat with other users

– Battle with real players from around the world


– Increased charge Combiners so that significant damage to enemy structures will

– Added combined with Enigma to liberalize the power Combiners

  • Android version required: 4.2
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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