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Traffic Tour v1.3.13 Apk For Android

Download Traffic Tour 1.3.13 Android Traffic Tour

Choose your favorite car and play in various exciting modes. Complete multiple missions and challenge players and friends in the multiplayer section.

Traffic TourTraffic Tour

The title ” Traffic Tour ” is one of the newest titles on the subject of simulation of motor racing. With numerous gameplay modes including endless mode as well as stunning graphics, it has been able to gain popularity over time. Complete the exciting missions, unlock powerful cars, and upgrade your components to challenge your friends in the beautiful, engaging gameplay section.

As stated above, the game has various gameplay modes. It also supports multiplayer and online competitions in the form of Time Rails. There are also a variety of luxury cars included in the game, each of which is carefully designed and simulated. The gameplay is also smooth and will not create a problem with the user experience. It’s worth mentioning that the game’s graphics are also impressive in their style, and also have different settings for low and high.

Some Tips For The Traffic Tour Gameplay:

– To collect and unlock more cars, collect the maps that are on the racetrack.

– During the race if the speed of the car is more than 100 km. Bonus and extra money.

– By placing the game on a dusk or at night, you will receive extra money in the endless episode.

Driving in the opposite direction in double-sided road mode has additional money and rewards.

– The proper use of nitrogen in the multiplayer mode helps you a lot

– Sharing your outcomes in the game with friends gives you extra money and rewards.

Traffic Tour android game [/ caption] Traffic Tour is a charming title in a racing style. Which was recently developed and developed by Wolves Interactive Studio, and is completely free of charge in the Google Play Store. The leading game, with a total of 27,000, has experienced a high score of 4.3 out of 5.0 and over 5 million downloads.

Traffic Tour features

– Cars do not have fuel consumption games, so there will be no time limit for playing.

– Various camera modes including: first person, third person, driver’s cab, etc.

– 5 different gameplay modes that are: Professional, Multiplayer, Endless, Time Combat and Free Run

– Complete 100 exciting missions in the professional sector

– 5 realistic and beautiful locations including: highway, desert, city and with various weather modes

– There are 20 luxury cars with color and wheel color customization

– Unlock powerful car games by collecting maps available along the racetrack

– Improving your car’s various components to increase its performance

– Types and types of vehicles in traffic such as: buses, pickups, trucks, etc.

– There is a multiplayer mode to challenge friends and other players all over the world

– Use of nitrogen in multiplayer mode

– Accurate and realistic driving simulation simulation

Changes Version 1.3.13

– 6 new VIP cars

– 6 new wheel customization

– Fix problems and improve game performance

Changes Version 1.1.18:

– 5 new and amazing cars

– 5 new and customized items

– environment in Turkey

– new online season

– Added cloud storage game

Tips on playing the game

– It is an online game and requires a permanent connection to the Internet to run.

  • Name: Traffic Tour
  • Version: 1.3.13
  • Latest update: Nov 27, 1397
  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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