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In a strange way the tower was exciting as you advance your skills and challenge of the game.

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As they are produced in the style of arcade for Android OS users is always a certain range of popular operating systems into account. These labels if accompanied with a creative idea, Mvfyqyt remarkable team won their game account. The challenge faced probably the game MetaFun Games and in our opinion it come out victorious. As you may have noticed Towers in style arcade games and games by the studio MetaFun Games has been sent to Google. This relatively acceptable as ever scored more than a million times and 4.0 of 5 books have been downloaded from the store. It is interesting to know that in a relatively acceptable Rating recorded more than 35 thousand people have played this game.

Towers gameplay is very simple, smooth, yet challenge. Formula learn to master the further the game Bsyarh is simple but certainly it should be a little more careful and more skills to learn to play better record on the record. The story of this game is that you have tower, but not in the usual way but in a way so weird! So that the structures that have already been prepared will be placed on the crane driver is supposed to do, but apparently that is strongly induced. So that it can control the crane and these structures are constantly moving and listen to your command are getting. Just to the left of the screen and click on the tab to construct the building, but it will not be that easy because a lot of care and skill.

As you advance in the game, structures that are supposed to be on a smaller and seemingly more so that the crane driver caused the structure to move more quickly and will wander from the path.

At the beginning of the game you can spend your tender coins to take delivery of a multi-storey building will be easier to work but you must be careful because the coins are limited and can not get much Vlkhrchy! But do not worry much because the finishing stages get coins as well as a subsidiary in which you can earn points not included. It seems to us attractive as the original game, the game has the potential sub has become an attractive title!

In 16 home games a square sub you have the number of couples who are all multiples of two it is shown. You can put together a number of similar Also, Kothari them together and create larger numbers. Similarly, the number 2 can reach numbers such as 256 and even more. Of course, we were not able to record the number 256 but is able to ask good!

You have the option to play 6 each option and each section has its own characteristics and even the design of structures and buildings are also different. Of course, you can not play the sixth game from the beginning but with a little effort to promote the game and it will be open section.

Towers features

– Hyjann challenging and exciting style

– Acceptable graphics to low volume

– Learn simple steps and skills to advance in the

– Germany numerous and attractive

– Light uphill climb steps

– High popularity among users

If you’re a fan of arcade style titles, never lost the title ahead and download it now.

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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