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Telegram Plus the standalone version of the fastest and most secure chat and messaging program, which is published in the field after connecting to the closest server provides the possibility to send files at high speed.

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Plus Messenger is a messaging app is unofficial.The famous telegram messenger application that uses the API some additional features to the official version Telegram adds. Telegram fastest and most secure chat and messaging program, which is published in Google Play and you’re anywhere in the world that’s connected to the nearest server for high speed file transfer and messaging application indicated the same Is. If the environment is to repeat this program you can change the color and design and size of the interface cable or tailored made a new shell and with other users to share it.The program put option to share music is faster, which saves time for the user. For people who desire to have your phone number displayed phone number there is also the option to hide and hide Messenger Plus user number helps a person to maintain privacy. The facilities here are not limited to screenshots and lets you hide secret chat conversations you have.

Plus Messenger for Android users presented by the developer rafalense and has so far won a very good rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Google and more than 1 million times also officially been downloaded.

Features Telegram Plus Messenger

– Ability to change the color and size of objects in the user interface

– Ability to change the size of text and icons Program

– Design of new theme and easy sharing with friends

– Easy sharing audio files in chat

– Ability to hide the phone number from the drop-down menu and settings

– Share the app with friends on Google Plus bugs and problems

– Storing documents with its original name

View the sender’s name in the pictures, videosand documents


Added option to hide / show fever stickers(P2.24)

New option to go to the main messages, media files or links of Media viewer (P4.2)

– Added the shell to manage cache

Added option to open links shared on the profile page

Bug fixes and minor improvements

Changes in version

– Reduced lag when scrolling down the page

Added option to mute notifications when playing (P5.1)

– Back Plus settings to default

Changes in version

New option to hide the instant camera button on the chat (P2.24)

– Added option “Copy link” in the chat menu and channel public groups

– Disable Ryplay voice messages with the swipe

Option to enable removal of notifications direct response

Changes in version

– Major update to the platform robots telegrams: Telegram bots can now fine of HTML5 experience to the user; for example telegram games!

– For example, typing gamebot @ can Examples of major changes in the way the pictures

– You can use this robot in inline mode for each of your chat up games and compete with your friends to see your shared

– All games run like normal Web pages, so this update even one byte is not added to the program

– Various improvements and small sticker Panel Display

Version 3.12.0:

– The possibility of drawing on images and apply fun masks, stickers and text on it

– Telegram in this update for masks has launched a platform that everyone can be a collection of masks, beards, glasses, and likes to upload into it

– Ability to create your personal Gyf with new capabilities mute after recording video

– Access to frequently-used stickers directly from the panel sticker in all your chats

– Support for Android 7.0

Changes in version

– Swipe messages in chat mode P2.23 for Ryplay

Changes in version

– P2.21 mode to display the members of the groupin the Quick Bar

Added a button to chat with your cloud

Added option to save one or more messages in the cloud account.

– P2.22 mode for Quote messages stored in the cloud account

Changes in version

New option in the chat window to display user messages and user media

– Added new shortcut bar to open a quick chat in the chat window directly from the chat screen

– P2.15 mode to display / hide the Quick Bar in chat

– P2.16 mode for quick switching between vertical and horizontal Quick Bar

– P2.17 mode to enable the option to go to the home page

– P2.18 mode for quick view Quick Bar is run if new chat from Quick Bar

– P2.19 mode to hide the Quick Bar on scroll

– P2.20 mode for central button Quick Bar

Quick Bar to change the color mode 2/2/52

– 02.02.56 To change the color mode called Quick Bar

Changes in version

– Added new option “Go to the first message” in the chat window

– Added notifications are typing (mod P6.1)

Added new style bubble PictuLineLe

Changes in version

– Added bubble styles MaxLines and LineFineLex

Added option to call directly (Replay) in the notification (P5.2)

– Added notifications online contacts (P6.1)

– Added option to resize the notification message and position

Changes in version

Added new style bubble MaxSquare

Added change color star favorite chat mode at Home

Added change color star mode Producer andDirector on the profile page

– Added the possibility to clear a background

Changes in version

– Introducing a new service draft and more

– Added video player Interior (Android 4.1 and higher)

Unread messages by pressing the ‘Scroll to bottom’

– View profile pictures earlier in groups

Changes in version

– Added option to display the tabs at the bottom rather than the top of the screen

– Added option to hide the selected tab

– Added an option to change the background colortabs

– Added option to copy the link in the Svprgrvh

– Added an option to change the background color of the selected message in the chat window

Changes in version

Option to mark all as unread dialogue at Home

Added the bar to send the photo quality

Changes in version

– Ability to edit comments in anywhere for 2 daysafter sending

– Mnshn users in the group by typing @ and pick them up, even without a username

– Find friends faster with a new list in search

Quick Find inline robot joined in the menu

Add shortcuts to the home screen chat

– Added new bubble style with OvaLex

Changes in version

– Added new option to store / retrieve / reset Plus and Interests

Added number formatting to each mode to help users find specific mode (with the possibility to hide)

Changes in version

New option to add shortcuts to the home screenchat

Changes in version

– Added new option in the app settings to reverse the order notification messages

– Added new option in the Settings app to enable /disable search by username on Twitter

Added an old style chat bubbles telegram to the list of styles

Changes in version

– Redesigned and complete chat pages, optimizing the colors, the beautiful progress bars, Management More on Attachments

View packages and package stickers and add to your collection by tapping on them and send stickers preview preview menu package or packages

The introduction of API 2.0 robot, the robotplatform we update June 2015

Changes in version

– Added option to set the personal information

Changes in version

– Added option to leave the group without deleting it

– Added option to show / hide the marks on edited messages

– Added option to show / hide a toast in chat history

– Added option to show / hide default keyboard robot

– Added option to show / hide a message left group

Changes in version 3.7.2:

– Added a new mode to change the color tab icons that are not selected!

– Added option to direct Reply

– Added option to show direct share in a new page

– Added option to bookmark favorite chat

– Fixed bugs in the previous version

Changes in version

– Added option to open the file or music directly on the Profile

– Bug fix available

Changes in version

Edit your messages in channels and Super Groups

Share links to posts on a channel (quick sharingon the menu)

Option to add a signature to messages on thechannel please

Send messages without notifications even when the person is not mute it on the channel.

Quick sharing buttons for robots (in messages with links, photos or video works)

Changes in version

Added some new styles for review

Added new tab counter unread messages in the Home

– Gzynh not to count mute messages alone

– Gzynh for the count of unread chat instead ofunread messages

– Debugging

Changes in version

Added the progress of the download / uploadmedia files

Added Gzynh ‘Sort unread’ to all tabs

– Bug fix

Changes in version

Added new menu features proprietary transmission plus there

Added option to show / hide Share buttondirectly in chat

Added switch to using direct share without telling the sender

Added a message history in the chat index test

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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