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Swift Who’s the smartest and best-selling Google Play keyboard, with the ability to quickly guess words in faster typing, and also supports Persian language.


wiftKey Keyboard is a Swift Keyboard Keyboard for Android smartphones and tablets.This app is a smart keyboard for smartphones that helps you quickly type in words with quick guesses.This keyboard can be installed on the phone and tablet, and it’s the best-selling keyboard in over 58 countries. This keyboard has a variety of themes that will make you feel uneasy. When typed, this program has the correct and accurate prediction of the future word, which can greatly increase your writing speed. With the support of flicker movements on the so-called “search”, the keyboard provides the ability to quickly delete words and delete all the typed text, and you can select part of the text at the fastest time. With a large number of emoji and interesting emoticons, Swift Kick will leave your hand open to variety in typing. The key features of this keyboard are support for 100 live languages including Farsi .

Please note: The special edition has a variety of themes and special features, which is why it has a high volume!

SwiftKey Keyboard has been released by SwiftKey developer for Android users, and has so far scored 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play, and with over 250 million registered users, one of the best options available to change the phone’s default keyboard. Be

Features of SwiftKey Keyboard

– Automatically detect correct and next words

– Beautiful design and color scheme

– Has a variety of themes

– Auto-clearing spelling mistakes

– Swipe in Swipe

– More than 80 colors, designs and themes

– Type faster with word prediction

– Typing by swiping a word on the words in a burst

– Supports more than 100 foreign languages ​​including Farsi

Changes in version

– Bug fixes and performance improvements

Changes Version

– Added support for Tamlish and Tamil Transliteration languages

– Translator support from Bangla, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi & Telugu

– Support from Giff

– Keyboard shortcuts for bluetooth

Changes Version

– Added 12 new languages

– Remove additional items to run smoother

Changes Version

– Added 9 new languages: Arshali , Mani , NorthSoto, Kashugu, Chichewa, Ewe, Tattoo, Hawaii, Dutch (BE)

– Use the Shift Button to type better

– Connect right to the Google App and enjoy the text- to-speech engine

Changes Version

– Supports Fuzzy Pinyin

– Re-designing the theme page

Changes Version

– Enjoy 4 sounds of Modern ‘,’ Android ‘,’ Traditional ‘and’ Blip ‘profiles

– Improved language typing languages ​​right to left

Changes Version

– Added 12 new languages: Friuli, Lingala , Fiji, Rwanda, Oromo, Sungaga, Tswana, Swiss, Venda, Cusuto, Heliogineon , etc.

– Build a new completely free theme

– Updating the privacy policy

Changes Version

– Added three new languages: Bamba, Niko and Korsi

– Fixed an issue of delay delay in theme switching and color

Changes Version

– Added QWERTZ layouts for Swiss and Swiss-German and Swiss-Italian languages

– Added incognito mode to learn words / phrases

– Fixed a bug to drag the cursor to the point you want to type

– Download the themes after the first hit

Changes Version

– Use of the next generation of more humanisticpredictions designed by neural networks in French, German and Spanish languages.

– Ability to type in 5 languages ​​at once

– Added 7 new languages: Sindhi Pakistan, Pashto , Scottish Gaelic, Uyghur , Chuvashi, Chechen andBashghiri

– Possibility to turn on / off the pop-up key

– Fixes a lot of bug and slick typing experience

Changes Version

– Revitalizing the SwiftKey engine to create the most powerful foundation for next-generation technology

– Added 2 new languages Esperanto and Douhi -Maldives

– System backup for predicting words from Italian language

– Suggest different emoticons from Android N

Changes Version

– Fix sync service bug

– Forecast number , email and other components containing ‘@’

– Support for Android N Emoji

– Access to different emoticons

Changes Version

– Fix sync service bug

– Temporary outage forecast email and number

– Support for 8 new languages: Kurdish, Aragonese, Maltese, Ninursk, Frisian , Luxemburg , Faroese and Asturias.

Changes Version

– Added 5 new languages: Ninursk , Friesian , Luxemburg , Faroese and Asturias

– Fixed a bug that prevents the existence of repetitive words

– Improved access for Talkback users

– Improved typing experience on Samsung S7 Edge

Changes Version

– Fixed a bug showing the lack of free space to download languages

– Fixed a bug in the presence of duplicate words

Changes Version

– Improved Brain typing on the Samsung Galaxy S7Edge Curve

– The other major prediction is not hidden by the Hub

– Crash bug fix when opening SwiftKey store

– Fixed a bug of crashing the app when using promo codes

– Fixed a bug showing the keyboard when changingscreen settings on Android N

– Troubleshoot TalkBac on Android devices on the Nexus 7

Changes Version

– Added new language: Malaga

– The Portuguese language (BR) now uses new spelling rules . (According to the new spelling agreement)

– Fixed a typing problem in the Ukrainian languagein Compact layout

Changes Version

Enhance access (Touch and Talkback) for Chinese and Hindi layouts

Changes Version

– Crash bug fix on Xiaomi Mi pad devices

– Ability to view more icons for some Samsung devices

– Display the Hub icon while opening the languages ​​from right to left

– Open the Hub in float mode

– View the log of a person’s Twitter login in thecorrect way in landscape mode

Changes Version

– Added new functionality to the application

Changes Version

– Displays losses in both locale and native names

– Sort languages ​​alphabetically and support TapTalk

– Construct a ” high contrast ” shell for easier study of users with visual impairment

– An agreement to join Microsoft

– Fix crashing bug when pressing Jubin’s space bar before forecasting

Changes Version

– Predictive fun of what you have in your mind!

– Changes in how numbers are displayed

– Improved Korean programming language

– Bug fixes and overall program improvements

Changes Version

– Added Pinyin for traditional Chinese Taiwanese

– Added 2 free themes

– A bright and dark shell for the emoji panel

– Improved typing behavior when changing the display direction

– Two word prediction

– Vibration settings

– Improved flow and prediction in Hindi and Asian languages



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