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Popular game and very fun Sonic Dash with a score of 4.2 by 2.5 million users in one game for the Android OS is unrepeatable. So you can go ahead and avoid collisions with obstacles.

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How fast are you? Sonic Dash game you have a beautiful 3D environment and so can not move quickly, jump over obstacles and collect more coins and assign it the world’s fastest hedgehog. Along the way are various obstacles may arise out of your way to be destroyed by tapping them and earn more points. Using audio missiles can destroy all your enemies in an instant! Other features of the game can be very high graphics and smoother gameplay where noted. For download and more screenshots from the game to see more.

Sonic Dash features

– Merry Christmas!

– Added special Christmas prizes to play

– Each week, various awards will be given to you.

– Added landscape mode or Landscape to play for a better experience

Version 3.2.1

– Improved Facebook Connect

– Fix for better game experience

– Added boosters and new features

Version 3.1.0.Go:

– Fixed a problem dog jump

Version 3.0.0.go:

– Added new character

– Added new missions

– Performance improvements in the menu of the game

– Minor bug fixes

Version 2.11.0.Go:

– Fixed minor bugs and improve different game

  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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