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Snapseed v2.12.0.136449766 Direct Apk For Android

Professional image editing app Snapseed v2.12.0.136449766 download Android

Snap Syed one of the best software to edit images with 25 filters and tools that optimize images with precise control of various process offers high quality products to you.

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Snapseed complete and professional image editing software for Android phones and tablets, which is being developed by Google. The parallel development of hardware and software make it possible for smartphone users who often find themselves in the smartphone do the work. Many software to edit images that you can use it according to your needs. If you do not get your search for different requirements and applications do not work with any program Sayyed Snap can be a wonderful offer for you. The program offers powerful tools for editing images open up your hands and great experience of having high quality photos to your gift. Snap SM 25 tools and filters that include Healing, perspective, brushes, etc. are structure puts at your disposal the ability to create fantastic images you create. In this app you can DNG RAW image file formats JPG and run and try to develop them. Various filters are designed for brushes that can be used in various photos of them. Snap to help Sayed see different in different styles Edit with precise control optimization.

Snapseed by renowned developer Google Inchas been launched for Android users and has so far won a very good rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Google and over 10 million downloads is officially recorded.

Snapseed Features

– 25 tools and filters

– Open DNG RAW and JPG files

Use the “stack” to reset in the next edition

– Choose a different filters set

Optimized for precise control in all styles

Set the image automatically or manually adjust the exposure and color with precise control (7 Control)

White balance adjustment so that the colors look more natural image

Details: Create Magic by adjusting the level structures in images

Cut: Cut the pictures in standard or custom sizes (8 standard ratio)

Rotation: Rotate 90 °, straight, horizontal or diagonal

– Brushes: manually adjust the saturation, brightness or heat

– Healing: F neighbor remove uninvited from a group photo

Vignette: add a soft dark box

– Text: Add text or stylish (38 default style)

Tonal Contrast: Raise the chosen details in the shadows, midtones and highlights

– Drama: a reference to the Doomsday in Pictures (6 styles)

Old style color film photo from the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s (12 styles)

Retrolux: intelligent integration (13 original style, endless variety)

Frame: add a frame with adjustable size (23 frames)

Black and white: Black and white photos of classic (11 styles)

  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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