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Play struck noisy Smash Hit Premium v1.4.0 Android - Premium Edition + mode + trailer
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Over time, experience has proven, high graphic games that do not yet benefit from an innovative idea, simply can against titles such as Asphalt 8 that is focused only on the graphics stand out!Perhaps that is why even small game development teams sometimes do that even big companies such as Gameloft games are also finger-like mouth. If you’re one of those people that you play with your Android device, are likely to experience one of the titles that have been released by Mediocre! The company has 8 titles, all of which have been partly achieved remarkable success Google has released the Smash Hit in the leg has more noise. As unlike other games, most of which cost the company about $ 2, they are completely free, but to access the Premium version it should not bear the cost of the Premium version of this post we prepared for you for free we’ve downloaded.

Smash Hit in not too short a period of time has emerged has experienced nearly 100 million downloads and has won a good rating of 4.4 out of 5 is that it is better to know in recording this privilege more than 3 million have played a role.This is an arcade style as that in considering engaging gameplay, realistic physics and environmental degradation that has gained popularity is that we think really deserve!

Gameplay, steps and elements of the game:

The gameplay is very simple and clear so that in the first few minutes is not quite realize what you do with a ball that is on offer. They throw the ball control is very simple, just to the point of the screen tab to launch your ball to the same spot.

The first time you enter the game, 25 Ball (Ball) have to be used to eliminate barriers and break the cone of blue to use. Please note that in this game the first letter of their balls so that even you are winning or losing depends on spherical objects are the same?

Unlike obstacles that by removing them you will not be awarded any points and only pave the road ahead, the cone of blue Goodies for you to carry.With the loss of each cone you get 3 bonus balls as a number but it has been used for the removal of their horns! With this interpretation with the loss of the ball each cone 2 is added to the number of balls you! Also by removing several cones in a row without a cone forget, the number of balls that you will throw every time a fever and listed it as long as you follow the step up 5 balls will continue. This means that the number of balls you have a low number, but 5 balls thrown together that will make your work extremely simple. Obviously this is sustainable as long as you do not hit any obstacles and even a cone number is NOT leave again, otherwise the number of balls that you can throw on every tab will be reduced to a number.

The cones are much talked about, let’s take a look at the obstacles in our game! Obstacles that during the game you will see, many forms. Glass moving to closed doors that must be carefully as possible on the tab control, you have come to block your way and do not have to hit your goal. As you advance in the game, the more obstacles, more difficult and of course a more attractive view will see that it must carefully as possible with a kick to destroy them.

As mentioned above the number of balls in this game their initials. Do not be fooled by them because many advances in the game sometimes comes famine cones (!) And only barriers that are green in front of you one by one and see if you do not save the ball in consumption will be its defeat in the game!

One of the interesting features of the game is that some obstacles will just show themselves and do not have nothing to do with you! To better understand this issue, just moving the glass look half that in most cases they are out of the way with a certain innocence and open the way for you. The rest will return to the smartness of you who spend your balls do not supply the obstacles! Besides these, other elements are also included in the game like volley ball that can pick it up for a few seconds to throw the ball barrage, without even a reduced number of your ball! At some stage, we are also seeing more interest, for example, sometimes you’re upside down and possibly reverse this space for more exciting and of course you will be extremely difficult.

Graphics, sound and game physics:

The gameplay, and the game elements aside the graphics, sound and game physics reach. In this section, almost everything looks great. Due to the low volume of 100 MB of graphics, it is perfectly acceptable and even exceeded all expectations. The game’s background music, the joy of playing a double and also use a headset If during the game, you will certainly more fun. The game physics are very realistic and will immerse you in the environment so that after hours of your game do you think that a few minutes ago!

This article without even an iota of exaggeration can best be dubbed as published by Mediocre and your loved ones deserve to be embedded in Android gadgets and will keep you entertained for a few days.

Features Smash Hit

– Acceptable graphics to low volume

– Quite realistic physics that will immerse you in your world!

– Engaging gameplay and fun

– The idea that the game will bring you to ecstasy!

– Interesting elements that will add to the charm of the game.

– Barriers filled with a number of unique features

– Excellent break sound barriers or cones

– Significant background music

If you like the new style android game experience, never very popular as Smash Hit lost and it now download, install and enjoy.

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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