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A new powerful launcher with a lot and have a very low volume so far has been able to attract the user’s consent. Simple design and understanding as well as having many features, the main features …

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Smart Launcher Pro 3 third edition smart launcher for Android phones and tablets. 3 Smart launcher with unique features, high customization and complete control over the system Categories extraordinary means to grant great popularity in a short time after the acquisition, which is indicative of the quality and outstanding performance of the launcher. Smart Launcher also has a very low volume is 4 MB. With the installation of Smart Launcher phone’s speed will increase. It is a sequel to Smart Launcher for Android devices was released with its many features will be considered one of the best Android launchers.

Smart Launcher Pro 3 presented by the developer for Android users and has so far scored an excellent 4.6 out of 5 on Google Play, and despite having a price of 4 euros bought more than 100 thousand times the official. You can focus your launcher to get free of Andrvydkdh.

Smart Launcher Pro 3 features

– Increase the number of original pages 9 to put all your widgets

– Show icons for each widget double-tapping on them

– Beautiful designs at Home

– Moving two fingers to program information and contacts

– Intelligent detection flat surface

– 20 different categories to choose from

– Full control over their categories

– Support and updates Fast App

– Simple, light and fast

– 7 additional animation Categories

The other important features of the launcher include:

– Ability to change the theme and almost complete support of all the icon packs

– Saving battery consumption and Rome

– Quick access to applications

– A unique screen lock with the ability to display announcements

– Ability to download different plug

– Full optimized and compatible with all versions of the Android operating system

– Ability to hide some applications and encryption on them without the use of additional programs

– Can be installed on tablets and Google TV

Version 3:22:01

– Added an option to change the position and alignment hours

– Added DuckDuckGo and Bing as search providers

Added random wallpapers picker

– Improve the performance

Improved support for generators icons SL

– Improved User Interface

Version 3:16:15:

– Change UI or user interface

– Added the possibility to buy the program

Supports new icon packs

Normal icon

– Improved Launcher settings.

– Added recovery

– Use Google as the search provider

– Add luxury widgets to the main screen

– Remove wallpaper compression for PNG images

– Optimize the size of backup

Version 3:15:17:

You can hide apps with your fingerprint access (requires Android 6.0)

Added option to enable a dark icon in the status bar (requires Android 6.0)

Access to the search bar in landscape mode

You can use File Manager to backup and restoredata.

Version 3:15:11:

– Improved overall performance launcher

– Improved battery level

  • Android version required: 2.1
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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