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Smart Keyboard PRO v4.15.2 Apk is Available !

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The smart and compact keyboard with increasing distance between letters makes you have less mistakes during fast typing, as well as different emoji support and Persian.

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Smart Keyboard Pro Smart Keyboard PROsoftware for Android phones and tablets. This app is one of the most complete keyboard Android OS is that most world languages including sweetPersian language is in place. As well as emoticons (smiles) also supports causes by increasing the distance between the letters you have less mistakes during fast typing. This application has 8 different themes Yvdh that you can get along with activation of the Persian language. The keyboard looks very efficient is relatively simple and very easy to work with. If you have time during the day time from the keyboard using the keyboard smartphone can be a good option for typing words.

How to active:

After installing the keyboard of the first page into the phone setting and select the Language & keyboard. Then you’re smart keyboard pro option.When you write text with the keyboard after keyboard appears by default in the notification bar (the bar at the top) to the bottom. Observe that the keyboard icon is visible. Click on it and select Smart KeyBoard Pro.

Activation Persian:

To do this, enter Setting / Lauguage & keyboard and click on the Smart Keyboard. Then enter the language selection key and select the Language option. The new page must be checked in both Persian and English and can also add other languages. Then select smart kayboard pro. With the EN on the left Mynvanyd Persian language.Users of Android 4 and lower After activation of this part of the environment that you want to use the keyboard and touch space and from the menu that appears, select the input method.

Smart Keyboard PRO presented by the developer for Android users and has so far scored an excellent 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play, and despite having more than 100 thousand times the official price of € 1.99 is purchased. Smart keyboard you can now get for free from Andrvydkdh.

Features Smart Keyboard PRO

– Designer of compact and T9 for many languages

Custom text shortcuts (auto)

Voice input for typing

Easy switching between languages

Predict the physical keyboard

Fast operation with finger gestures

Intelligent dictionary

– A beautiful shell in the layout IPhone

– Low use of hardware resources and battery

– Compact and high-speed

– Support for over 45 languages including Farsi

Version 4.15.2

– Bug fixes localization Russian and Spanish (US)

Version 4.15.0:

Keep the word up when switching Forecast

Option to disable startup settings

– Added Character ¡In T9 Spanish

– Added é characters in the T9 Spanish

Added Bulgarian language ЧЯВЕР plan

Update Translate Options

Version 4.11.0:

Use Google Voice on Android speech recognitionhigher than 4.0

– Fixed a crash bug in Lenovo P70

Added 3 step installation wizard

New keyboard layouts: Marathi

– Use black shell by default

Changes in version 4.7.0:

– Emoticons support – supports T9 settings on Pixi phones with high density

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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