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The old game “Worms”, which sounds like 1280 was old for you? Slither.io the same old game inspired as well by adding attractive elements has more than 50 million downloads of Google …

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Winning a game is not always high volume, heavy graphics and interesting story. But sometimes a creative idea can pass all of the above and lightweight title probably also enjoyed great graphics, is so popular that even titles such as Modern combat game series to put finger to mouth.CEO of Gameloft games you’re not going to be able to offer even the basic equipment to produce popular titles can be created; the only tool you need is a little creativity that many companies do not have it! But the game Lowtech Studios Ironically users’ tastes perfectly knows and understands how to create a title that users are fully involved and welcomed by millions.

Slither.io as an attractive and fun action is in the style of the game Lowtech Studios released by Google and given to the idea that in its place, has close to 100 to the Google Play downloads experience and won the acceptable rating of 4.2 out of 5 understand that it is better to record more than 2 million people have played this privilege!

Slither.io the story and the gameplay is very simple, smooth, yet engaging and fun. The idea of the game is quite simple, but as mentioned earlier, due to the creative playmaker looks really attractive.Slither.io in the title game revolves around a mischievous worm is already as old as 1280 also saw it sounds! But this time, everything is colorful and the gameplay is quite different. In this game your only task is to control and direct the lovely cream and, finally, sometimes, if you can play more quickly to Krmtan manager!

The circular path is illuminated with different colors that you should drink their larger and larger until the cream is. You should also be careful to not hit creams other players along the way because you will lose! Do not worry too much because if other players with worms, worm control is very simple and you will not realize the damage you deal and all its consequences Bazygn neck letters!

At the beginning of the game may not be able to make great progress and Krmtan but can gradually increase your skills and giant Krmtan so great that all the players you escape!

Features slither.io

– Attractive graphics and innovative ideas

– Fun gameplay and impressive

– Play and compete online with other players

– Laced Games

– High popularity on Google Play

If you’re a fan of games with different gameplay as slither.io never miss!

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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