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Sleep Sleep as Android v20161123 Android app downloads

With this app, you can relax with the sounds of nature such as birds, sea, storm, etc. wake up and wake up when your hand out of your head does not remove the program do not prove.

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Sleep as Android app for smartphones and tablets is sleep. Do you like regular sleep and be comfortable? Sleep Android is a fantastic application that has not seen its like before. In addition to having the alarm clock can record your sleep cycle! When the morning will wake you gently. Program features include: Full Record sleep with charts, reports lack of sleep or deep sleep, natural alarm sound of birds and sea including lullabies to sleep better player and record movements and sounds during sleep, such as snoring you mentioned. We recommend you do not miss it!


Sleep as Android has been released by the developer Urbandroid Team has so far scored Very Good 4.3 from 5 in the Google Play store and download more than 10 million officially recorded.

Sleep as Android features

Wake-sleep cycle tracker and smart phone or using wearable sensors

– Full support for Android wearables and Galaxy

Intelligent Lamp Control Philips HUE

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– Quiet sounds of nature (birds, sea, storm, etc.) and playlist

– Approve the Awakening complete with CAPTCHA (CAPTCHA) (math, counting sheep, shaking the phone, QR codes or tags NFC)

If you are like us you like a regular sleep experience never miss this app!

Version 20161123

– Bug fixes and performance improvements program

Version 20160524:

– General updates and environment icons

Version 2015830:

– Use the API to provide captcha captcha More

– Fixed a bug in Android planar graphs M

– Added new features

– Bug fixes and performance improvements program

Notes on the nature of the program

– Version located on site, is beta!

  • Android version required:
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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