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Simpler Contacts & Dialer Pro v7.4 Direct Apk For Android

Contacts and Dialer Software Download Simpler Contacts & Dialer Pro v7.4 for Android

Contacts management application software and smart dialer with over 40 different themes and the ability to backup and merge duplicate contacts with just one hit.

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Simpler Contacts & Dialer Rro contacts and dialer application for Android phones and tablets.As the name implies, practical tool to simplify managing contacts and dial in a smartphone. If you’re among the people who need to communicate with other its work according to the situation are certainly a long list of contacts you have stored on your smartphone. In many cases, find the contact number given the high volume of contacts and arranged Pitas is something they are not! With this program you will not have such problems. The program interface is very similar Lollipop and allows you to customize it to have the desired colors. The application interface is simple and all work is done with a minimum of information. This application provides information all you merge duplicate contacts and quick search capability also gives you the name and number. In addition you can backup all data stored contacts on the phone and put them in the cloud data storage services.

Simpler Contacts & Dialer Pro by Developer SimplerApps presented so good and has so far won 4.4 points out of 5 on Google Play, and more than 3 million users from around the world.

Features Simpler Contacts & Dialer Pro

Merge all duplicate contacts in a profile information.

– Quick search by name and number with T9 Dialer

Backing up contacts with just one tap

– Take advantage of more than 40 beautiful themes

– Share a group of contacts with colleagues, friends and family

– Send instant group text and email contacts

– Quick touch with contacts that often calling

– Beautiful user interface in the style of Lollipop (Android 5)

– Backup files with account Dropbox , Google DriveVaymyl

– Presentation of different filters, including company and job title etc.

Version 7.4

Access and share Simpler Groups

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Changes in version 7.0.1:

New User Interface

Update your contacts with the last image Profile

Changes in version 6.3.7:

Automatic backup

– Fixed a bug Clear Call History

Contact information and design information displays

Bug fixes and performance improvements program

  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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