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SHAREit: File Transfer, v3.6.28 Direct Apk For Android

Download file sharing program SHAREit v3.6.28 Android - mobile version of Windows + trailer

The fastest way to share photos, programs, etc. in all their devices so that you do not need the extra cost mobile Internet using Wi-Fi or not.

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SHAREit: File Sharing, Transfer renowned software, files using WiFi for Android phones and tablets. Today, share and transfer all types of files such as photos, apps, games, data files, videos, etc importance and has found wide application so that any software or company that way easier, faster and less less expensive to offer users a virtual world, the popularity will be higher than estimated.Today we are going to introduce one of these applications highly popular file sharing that is, look. Shareit As you can guess from the name of a file-sharing software, but what features it from the rest of the rival software have distinguished themselves? Shareit fastest way to share photos, programs, etc. in all their devices so that you do not need the extra cost mobile internet using Wi-Fi or not! We recommend you do not miss this program.

With this app, not only can move your files between different Android phones released for Windows can download the software, but also your files between your desktop computer and transfer the Android platform.

SHAREit: File Sharing, Transfer has won this fantastic 4.5 out of 5 rating with over 100 million downloads in Google Play and officially one of the best options available for transfer various files between different devices via WiFi.

Features SHAREit: File Transfer, Sharing

– Ability to share all kinds of files: photos, videos, clips, music, phone number and even programs

– Devices that have this app, together, if the distances are determined automatically find each other.

– High speed file transfer (40 times faster than Bluetooth)

– The possibility of transferring high-volume files

– No extra charge using only the use of the Internet and wireless

– Ability to share your software to others

– Supports share groups of up to 5 users simultaneously

– AirDrop and even with features that rival software better

Version 3.6.28_ww

– Fixed a crash problem on some phones

– Fixed a display problem downloaded images in Gallery on certain phones

– Free up more memory space by program

Changes in version 6.3.14:

Optimize the speed of transfer

– Added the Ultra Fast Speed

– 5 times faster file transfer, if supported by both devices (Android 6 and above)

Changes in version 3.6.8:

– Added the feature “Search inside files” module “Send”

– Stream music from the app (requires activation LISTENit performance from the side menu)

– Optimized user interface

Changes in version 3.5.96:

– Improved performance of “Connectivity”

– Added White list: With this feature, your favorite games and apps miss.

– Added new section “Music Player” and “Video Vault”

Changes in version 3.5.78:

– Added Gzynh “language” setting

– Get higher and popular apps for free from your friends

Added a notification of memory used for downloaded files

– Bug fixes some bugs

Version 3.5.53_ww:

– Added the “current devices” – to check the “history” a special friend

– Added the feature “downloaded files” – Easilymanage your downloaded files.

– Updated the “Connectivity”Scan the QR code to connect

– Fixed some bugs

Version 3.5.38_ww:

– 30% smaller size and faster data transfer

– Brand new UI design

Much more stable, especially for devices with low memory

  • Android version required: 2.2
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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