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Root Call Blocker Pro v2.5.3.40.B96 Direct Apk For Android

Download Caller Blocker Pro Root Call Blocker Pro v Android

Rootkalk Blocker is designed for Root users and uses its unique contact management system to prevent 100% of the message and spam calls in 6 different ways.

Root Call Blocker Pro is a powerful application for blocking calls , SMS and MMS and Android tablets.It’s important for you to get several spam and spam messages on the day and week. These messages and contacts are very annoying. But there is a way to solve this problem. This program is for routine users and allows you to prevent 100% spam from using your unique contact management system.Unlike other blocking software, this program does not notify you when receiving a spam call. The simple user interface allows you to easily list your numbers in the blacklist so that when you receive a message and call from that number at work or always block it. The blocking operation of this software is not just in one form and you can block any number in six different ways.

Warning: This app only supports the latest SuperSU version.

The Rook Call Blocker Pro has been released by the Fahrbot PRI developer for Android users, and has so far scored 4 out of 5 on Google Play and recorded more than 10,000 official purchases.

Full version and purchased app for $ 4.99

Features of the Root Call Blocker Pro

– Unlock the screen and play sound when blocking a call and message

– Smart widget when receiving calls to ignore and block calls

– Manage your listings through Google Contact Groups

– SMS blocking without setting as default messaging app

– Customized notifications with vibrator and ringtones and color LEDs

– Full blocking of calls and spam messages

– Import large numbers list with CSV files

– blocking MMS

– Protect calls and messages blocked privately with a password, dial code or pattern

– Automatic SMS Response

– Ability to backup encrypted information

– Supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian, etc.

Changes Version

– Added filtering of SMS content

– Bug fixes

Changes Version

– Damon bug fixes

– Added SELinux alert

Changes Version

– Full compatibility with SuperSu BETA 2.68

– Fixed persistent notification bug

Changes to v2.5.3.34.B96 version:

* Improved compatibility with Android 7+ Fix multiple issues and improve performance

  • Name: Root Call Blocker Pro
  • Version:
  • Last updated: October 23, 2013
  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to root: yes
  • Requires Data: No

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