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You can use the Real guitar acoustic and electric guitars and clean sheets in three easy chords, chords, and solo smartphone simulate normal.

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Real Guitar real guitar emulator application for Android phones and tablets. Android is a free app for real guitar acoustic and electric guitars on the screen of your phone or tablet simulation. This app is a fun, lightweight and easy to use guitar playing and for those who want to experience the very ideal. With this program you can simply taste the taste of being a guitar hero! This application has realistic sounds of acoustic guitar, electric guitar and Klein, who specifically for mobile phones with high-quality studio recordings have. Real guitarchords implementation has three modes easy, normal and individual chords that you can use it according to your ability. Despite the different modes of playing and recording sound you have the ability to find the parts alone double play. For example, you can record the chords and then played a piece of audio playing chords run and the solo or solo pieces to play. The software also placed 16 pieces in a different style rhythms that are played in a loop and provides the possibility to improvise for you.

Real Guitar supplied by the developer Kolb for Android users and has so far scored Very Good 4.1 from 5 in the Google Play store and download more than 10 million officially recorded as well.

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Features Real Guitar

– Choose a custom chords

– Supports multiple touch finger

– Has 3 types of acoustic and electric guitars

– A 3-player mode

– 16 audio loops to accompany solo

Quality Sound Studio

Recording mode

– Export of records playing MP3 format


  • Android version required: 3.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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