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Ramboat: Shoot and Dash v3.7.2 Direct Apk For Android !

Play Shooting Rmbvt Ramboat: Shoot and Dash v3.7.2 Android - mobile mode version

With incredible machine guns and unparalleled driving in a war zone, jump, dive, and try to avoid obstacles and enemy fire.

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At the Mambo and his team join this exciting adventure shooting and car rides! When the car incredible and unique weapons in a war zone drive, jump, dive, and try to avoid obstacles and enemy fire! In this shooting game, all the excitement and adventure of fighting with paratroopers, rocket-propelled grenades and enemy soldiers to experience the powerful weapons such as ballistic missiles, machine guns and rocket fire are. When driving, powers for weapons and boats, collect bonuses and get coins!

Which team will be the best shooter? Which boat is the best? You can drive all they know! Discover all missions and challenges! Fire all weapons test your strength! Is so much on driving and shooting skills that have survived this exciting adventure?

In this game you have to control your hero moves at a fast boat and different enemies shoot accurately with powerful weapons destroyed. The water level to go quickly and avoid the numerous traps. Drive along the beach your boat and shoot enemy soldiers and military equipment on earth.Enemy airplanes and helicopters sit on the ground.Sink the enemy ships and submarines Be careful.Money and collect useful bonuses. Special characters like a pirate, robot, gangster open.Various boat purchase.

Features Ramboat: Shoot and Dash

– Classic action adventure genre with genuine Changes

– 9 Mkhtlf- pirate hero, player, gangster, robots and even the mother of dragons!

– 11 powerful boat – a luxury ship, submarine … or even drive a hippo!

– Incredible weapons – can machine guns, rocket launchers, rocket fire or try the classic pistol!

Version 3.7.2

– Fixed sound problems Games

– Faster loading process

– Improved performance of the game on the phone with a Snapdragon processor

– See your progress and your friends!

– Performance improvements ROCKET LAUNCHER

– Added a new tool

Changes in version 3.4.0:

– Improve The ROCKET LAUNCHER no escape for any of the enemy

– New equipment

– User interface look more beautiful

– Fixed minor bugs

Changes in version 3.1.2:

– Added the possibility to travel to Egypt

– Added new bomb

– Bug fix

Changes in version 3.0.1:

– Compatible with any type and level of plans to release Android

– Added new characters

– Added new stage of China

– Balancing the degree of difficulty levels for more interesting experience

– The more visually beautiful game

– More attractive sound and lighting

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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