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Pushbullet Pro – SMS on PC v17.7.1 Direct Apk For Android

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This app helps you make contact with among its Android phone or tablet computer, no notifications, messages and miss nothing new.

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Pushbullet Pro – SMS on PC software is helpful in sharing notifications such as text messages, emails, contacts etc. from mobile phones or tablet computers. It all information using a variety of communication media to pass phone. For example, you’ve left your phone at home and you forget to use your location, the app can notify you of incoming calls and text messages to another time and opportunity do not miss. The program interface is very simple and is designed and can share information with just a click. This app allows you to connect your computer to your smartphone and take your required files and messages with the help of computer keyboard and typed text on your smartphone.

Pushbullet Pro – SMS on PC by developer Pushbullet for Android users have been supplied so far is very good rating of 4.5 out of 5 vote earns Google users and more than 1 million times officially been downloaded.

Selected as the App of the TNW

Features Pushbullet Pro – SMS on PC

Send and receive SMS messages from your PC easy

Used by millions of people

Reply to messages using popular applications such as WhatsApp, cakes, and Facebook Messenger

– Convenient sharing links and files between devices and friends

Find your phone’s notifications on your computer,including phone calls

Dismiss a notification on computer

– Using Pushbullet channels to subscribe tonotifications moment

– Comfortable typing long text and their requirements using computer keyboard

The easiest way to acquire, restore and share a link or file on the phone

Version 17.7.1

– Support sending rapid response of the computer in Google Allo and KakaoTalk

– Debugging

Changes in version 6.17.10:

– Fixed a bug preventing some notifications

– Change the font size for easier readabilitymessages

Added open source licenses

Minor bug fixes

Version 17.6.9:

– Considerable progress Many of the internal components to increase user confidence

Update translations for all languages

Version 17.6.8:

– Mirror mode of application notifications using the primary colors for background notifications icon(Lollipop +)

Bug fixes and updated translations

Version 17.6:

– Updated translations

– Fix bugs

  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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