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Popular Games Pokémon Pokémon GO v0.45.0 Android - along with a full tutorial to install

Pokémon GO is the most popular Android games Adventure games online and within a short time of its release more than 50 million downloads from Google Play has experienced.

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 Pokémon GOPokémon Interview

Nintendo you know? Yes, the same company that to date 127 years in the field of play serves a variety of ways and has achieved remarkable success. The company since 1889 and began its activity with the production of playing cards with the introduction of computers and rising popularity quickly changed its policy and began producing computer games. Unlike many companies that make Nintendo games with high graphics, high volume and long-known story, the games simple but innovative ideas that at the time of publication encountered with very high sales!

Please be sure to install the game and carefully read the installation manual that the game needs to run Android 4.4 and above!

Nintendo is now in a controversial action game is super fun and a great welcome to come to the mobile platform Android and iOS’s published. Yes, you noticed, this is the same game Pokémon GO, now in Australia, New Zealand and America record broken and truly it can be said that Clash of clans into oblivion!

This game is so popular is their people pile any street, alley or neighborhood countries listed in the log, surely you can see how many people have stuck their heads inside the phone and probably would if their clothes earn from their bodies never found them.

Personal Pokémon GO:

What is Pokémon GO? A game with a simple but innovative idea!

Why Pokémon GO? In fact, this should be asked of the Australian people, but we think this game because of the special elements such as augmented reality, incredibly attractive and fun!

Pokémon GO What style will follow? This style adventure game, where you have to get stuck in the city turn around and Pokémon similarities to the style puzzle game!

Is it worth playing Pokémon GO? In fact, if you take a look at the people of France that had certainly not played Pokémon GO, you will see his life for annihilation!

Game story:

The story is that in the city, a lot of hidden Pokémon, each the size of a particular power. You initially need to follow these Pokémon games to look and find them. However it is your responsibility to first Pokémon are Pokémon that arrived consent or greed and other more powerful look. The flip side is that in the end you have to choose the Pokémon even weaker than the first!

Dont forget the paragraph above, let’s start from the beginning; from where we installed the game and have run it! Honestly install and run games more akin to traverse the seven Rostam in Iran to install the game! (So be sure to read the installation instruction.)

After opening the game and successive attempts to connect to the server, but the message did not get a problem with the game servers that still have not tired and were finally able to play after ten and attempts to be (the problem shortage game server is coming soon, and with the launch of the world, this problem will be solved). Well at the beginning of the game you suggested that one of the three Pokémon available to choose from and into the game. Your option is to accept the offer or reject it in check and prefer to walk and choose your favorite Pokémon. You do not have the phone in hand and eyes protruding from the bowl to your Pokémon as a Pokémon approaching your phone will vibrate to notify you!

Whether or not to accept the offer, however, must have a Pokémon. After taking control of a Pokémon enough to walk in and collect points by walking!You can enter the territory of the other Pokémon with them into battle and defeat them, the more points you and your Pokémon skills upgrade.Obviously if you fail in battle, Pokémon you will die, with all his skill and now need to look for a Pokémon other, or with points that you collect Pokémon buy eggs!

Games are working hard to give you the exercise habit. I can testify to this statement that you read a few lines above and maybe you did not notice it after taking a walk Pokémon just to the city you walk points gathered!

Within the city there are many Pokémon that some of them may be its owner, and the failure of those who are naturally easier!

Another attractive elements are included in the game such as it can be pointed out to clubs.Pokémon skills to the border also promoting infinite (!) Can be one of the reasons for the popularity of this game is more than expected.


Apart from all the above, a fundamental question will my mind:

Is it really worth the popularity of Pokémon GO?

With the creative ideas play our response will be positive! Perhaps the reason is still not thought that such a simple game to achieve such a high popularity? I honestly do not know when the game will not be anything! Clash of clans that many said they did not like the game is not popular, but now the same level of the top 100 games and if ever they want to give’s clear Akantshan a half-hour likely to be Introduction a SYNCOPE Chinese simple everything ends to be good!

Play Pokémon GO has the potential not only a popular game Clash of clans compete even in competition with active Twitter users also will be the winner!

Features Pokémon GO

– Compact and innovative ideas

– Attractive graphics and fun, especially for the smaller are

– Highly addictive (it may be considered a negative!)

– Taking advantage of the relatively new technology of Augmented Reality

– There are multiple elements

– The world is infinite vastness!

We recommend this wonderful game popular in the short time of its release nearly 500 million downloads on Google Play and scored 4.1 out of 5.0 is acceptable and download it, you never lost.

Version 0.45.0

– Added daily rewards by increasing the number of day, amount and value also increases reward

– Added several new features to the gameplay

– Fixes a number of bugs and minor problems

  • Android version required: 4.4
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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