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Pixel Gun 3D v15.5.0 Apk For Android

Download Pixel Gun 3D v15.5.0 Android - Cellular Data + Mod + Trailer

One of the most popular first-person shooter games with beautiful pixel graphics, which has gained an impressive 4.4-by-game score with around 2 million users in the PlayStation Gameloft game.

According to some sites, Pixel Gun 3D is a revolution in the first-person shooter game, which has attracted many audiences around the world with new and interesting features for gamers. If you are looking for a first-person shooter game at the Counter Strike celebrity level, you’ll know that the game is equally addictive and popular with its mesmerizing multiplayer section. Continue with the introduction of some of our game along with us.

Survival Operation: In this section, countless numbers of zombie people rush from thieves and police officers to nurses and task force members, and you have to hit zero to one hundred of them. Fade from the page. Otherwise, you will be sentenced to failure. You know, the tasks that you are in charge of is not anyone’s work. Do not let the fears of yours sprout in you. If you succeed in surviving all enemy attacks in this mode, you will go on to attack an evil zombie made of snuff. Which is the head of the zombies … by defeating each boss to the next step .

Features of Pixel Gun 3D

* New Features of the Fashion Campaign (original story):
– New training camp for beginners
– Increase game graphic detail
– New maps
– Charming and unique music
– Challenging gameplay: From now on you can not easily offend your enemies and get out of the gangsters of dead bodies. Stay away from the narrow passageways and alleys. There is almost no chance to survive escape. Use your mental image to use your slingstick or knife to defend yourself. In this case, your instinct will turn your destruction into a sharp edged sword. You can share your results on Twitter and Facebook.

* Main Features of the Fashion Campaign:
– The wide selection range for war material, such as: Colt, heavy machine gun, Kalashnikov and many more …
– A large number of diverse maps
– Zombies in a variety of shapes and faces
– Stunning HD graphics along with dynamic lighting
– Use headphones: Music and breathtaking effects
– An amazing experience in the era of first-person shooter games

* Ability to create new templates for characters, with your own hands

Features of the Pixel Gun 3:
– Two global and local modes
– 8 people simultaneously in a game
– Ability to chat with friends while playing the game

Changes Version 15.5.0

* Bug fixes and various game problems + New features

 learn inistallation

Download the apk file and game data.
Extract the data file.
3. Put the folder that starts with com name in the internal memory of the device on the Android / Obb path.
4. Install the apk file and enjoy the game.

  • Name: Pixel Gun 3D
  • Version: 15.5.0
  • Latest update: Nov 27, 1397
  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data:

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