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Phone Manager v3.0.1 Direct Apk For Android

Phone Manager v3.0.1 Android phone management software download

Smartphone and PC sync messages, contacts, apps, e-books, pictures, music, videos, etc., access and manage them, transfer, recovery, backup, copy.

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Phone Manager device management software application for Android devices. This software is an efficient program that helps you do a sync between phone and computer. After you have made the connection between phone and PC can work in different ways, such as management, transport, recovery, backup, copy and move on WiFi on your phone. All data on your mobile phone via PC and can easily access various data stored in your mobile phone, such as messages, contacts, apps, e-books, pictures, music, videos, etc. view and manage. The Application Manager on smart phones running Android and iPhone. She. S worked well with different capabilities allow comprehensive management of computer offers users. It’s simple and intuitive interface to the user and without any confusion can manage various information stored in your smartphone. In addition to the Phone Manager has six functional app you’ll find this app to access them. It helps different QR code and scan and convert mobile smartphone into a flashlight.Apps and games installed and removed as a group of mobile smartphone as a modem to share the Internet.

Phone Manager for Android devices supplied by the developer APOWERSOFT LTD and has so far scored Very Good 4.3 from 5 in the Google Play store and download more than 500 thousand official time recorded.

Features Phone Manager

Sync Simple smart phone with a computer

– Enable USB debugging mode is easy with just a tap

Fast connection to the PC via WiFi network

Mobile data transfer to PC

– Mobile Backup files on the computer

Management of mobile data between the phone and PC

– Free and quite easy to use

– Has Asnkr QR code

Turn the flash LED with a hit phone

Manage pictures, music, videos, documents, cards, SD, APK files and large files

– Delete group installed applications to free up memory space

– Activation Hatspat to share mobile internet

  • Android version required: 3.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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