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PES CLUB MANAGER v1.3.4 Direct Apk + Data Download

Play online club management PES CLUB MANAGER v1.3.4 Android - mobile data

One of the best football management game where graphics and character worthy of appreciation by footballers in world football is fantastic and artificial intelligence to process benefit.

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PES club management game in the most recent versions come to market. If you like this game, download it and install it. The new game from the PES series not only represents the excitement, but also simulates too powerful. Konami recently released games that can be considered distant relative PES Football Manager game, because the graphics and style of play are very different.

This game is also a close race with India Held Games Football Manager 2014 and we can say it is better, of course, is a little early to say this sentence. The game does not offer real three-dimensional space point. You can see the players place with repetitive movements such as 12 laptops are not engineering.

Motor available in PES 2015 (which in my opinion is much better than the 2014 version), is applied in the game. Move any player from an artificial intelligence comes to us and the ability to follow tactical instructions. So about the coaching PES 2015 you on your phone and of course with some modifications play. For the coaching style of play and you must fight club is that from the beginning.Your club, the city, the stadium is named, then lifted registered clubs and national flag not set club. After that, you’re coming players like Danny Welbeck, etc. can buy Raheem Sterling.


– With the help of three-dimensional game engine, game console PES

– Simulate real deep

– More than 5,000 officially registered players from all over the world

– Progress on the favorite

– Ability to collect items in my native city (check every so often to fame)

– Can a button, once for all your friends to send gift! (The list is long friends? No need to worry about).

– Can play three different camera angles are next to (just tap the screen during the game)

– Shake warning during the game (the other scenes never miss your flowers!)

Version 1.3.4

– Step Challenge EURO 2016

– Added global event

– League mode option

– Added user profile picture

– Ability to change jersey numbers in contracts

– Change regulations League

– Added new team kits

– Trim Top Menu

– Changes in version 1.3.3:

– Added club museum in the future

– Fixed bugs and various changes

Changes in version 1.3.2:

– Soon new events will be added to the game

– Added more features to send your results to social networks

– Updating and revising the top menu of the game

  • Android version required: 4.2
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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