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Download game Paradise Island Paradise Island 2 V6.7.0 Android

Your dream island with luxury hotels and a few stars and provide various services to tourists.

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Paradise Island 2 game “Paradise Island” is a beautiful and fun game for Android is an operating system simulator and arcade style game development studio Game Insight has been made.The title of the Android game with detailed graphics and stunning effects and genre fiction and incredibly fun gameplay has managed to attract large audiences. This game is now available in the Google Play store with Android users around the globe a good score is 4.3.

Capabilities for multiplayer games with friends and other players online from around the world as beautifully crafted as possible in this game. Your tourist city using several star luxury hotels accept guests from other cities and complete your tasks during the process, build and manage it. You can create a heaven on earth with your hands.

One of the games that have long been waiting for its release in the atmosphere of the game is drawn and economic management. Economic processes and administrative tasks are very smart in this game is simulated and dare to be placed in the genre simulator. This game is for those warm ocean waves and sun lovers pleasing beach is recommended.


Paradise Island 2 features

– Include Offline mode to play without the Internet that you can take it anywhere

– Economic management system that has been finely crafted nose all

– Ability to compete and share your achievements with friends

– Even when you do not play now, life on the island is going on

Version 6.7.0

– Added new features and improve overall game performance

Changes in version 5.2.1:

– Building community, and in terms of name and logo on it and then invite friends to join it

– Added different mini-games

– Added new quests for players level up

Changes in version 5.1.1:

– Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a tropical island!

– New missions and engaging for players of top level play

– List acquired new office building!

– Upgraded Visual

Troubleshooting message Hold on!

Those who install and run games after the message Hold on! Have faced, you should follow the steps below to install the game:

1. clean up after the game to see your phone’s settings and applications to Clear Google Play Store Data (Clear Data) not.

2. However, Telenor has enabled Google to enter the program. Once loaded full page with the home button (do not close the application) from Telenor to cut out and then come back to the app.

3. Now Paradise island on Google search or click on this text to be transferred to the game on Google Play!

4. Download the game from Google Play.

5. Run the game and enjoy.

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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