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Paradise Bay v3.2.0.5936 Direct Apk For Android

Download Paradise Bay Paradise Bay v3.2.0.5936 Android Game - Trailer Mobile

Welcome to Bay of Paradise. Now you have to control this beautiful island with your own management and trade. Discover the various animals and environments of the island and grow their island by cultivating them.


Paradise Bay The “Bay of Paradise” game is a beautiful, fun and unique game for the Android operating system that has been featured in the Kajwal style and is being developed by the King’s Game Studio. The title of Android games, thanks to the unique and awesome 3D graphics, with special characters and lovely environmental elements as well as popular and very entertaining gameplay, can be a good option for enthusiasts of this game. It’s a great experience for you. It’s worth noting that this game has won the 4.0 score by about 100,000 users at the Google Play Store.

Let the warm and summer warm tropical islands bring you a sense of adventure and enjoy the real paradise provided on the island’s vast game of play.Paradise Bay Games is one of the best games for lovers of adventure, tourists and dreamers, which is a breakthrough in repetitive and boring games in this field. Continue to live on your island while developing your own Gulf port to explore new locations and worlds, as well as engage in trading with your friends. To socialize with other islanders, meet businessmen and enjoy watching the various animals on the island.

Paradise Bay features

– Ability to build and customize your personal tropical island

– Sightseeing on the island and unveiling its extinct

– Collect lost pieces of maps to explore new areas of the world

– Trade with businessmen and social relationships with islanders

Changes Version

– Added new features and improved overall game performance

Changes Version

– Added a new island to the game where you can upgrade your map.

– Explore the new island to find ancient ruins and unique treasures

– A new decoration called the cherry tree, which will always flush through the months of March and April, and then repeat this trend the following year.

– Spring Special Edition

– Fix game bugs


  • Android version required: 2.3.3
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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