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The lovely panda and pop colored bubbles aiming to play in game help. Thanks to Panda Pop as many steps can keep you entertained for a long time.

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Panda Pop game “Panda Pop” a game in the genre of fantasy and fun games and puzzles that the game of SGN made by the company, and now in the Google Play store owner 4.3 score by Android users around the world.

In this game you must pop bubbles set way that you can save the baby panda to health. Pandas like owning a strange creature is kidnapped and trapped in the forest. With clever strategy must blow bubbles so that you can defeat the strange story of mother and cubs cute game to restore worry. During the game your best to obtain the optimum skill and strategy firm, used to blow up smartly after the acquisition of necessary skills in the bubbles, stages in order to overcome and more difficult to faced with the problem not. The game has a colorful atmosphere and fantasy that can give you hours of fun on your Android phones and tablets, and in the evenings brought a pleasant experience.

This fun game can easily use in your spare time as a way to get home and do your other lost time and take advantage of.

Features Panda Pop

– Includes over 250 unique stages and with special obstacles

– A wide range of combo and various items to upgrade

– Specific features and capabilities to enhance the performance of blasting bubbles

– Amazing graphics and colorful fantasy and exemplary

– An incredibly addictive game in the style of acquired progress

– Software and acquisition of special

– Ability to synchronize with other devices and operating systems

Changes in version 4.3.200

– Added 20 new levels

– Added a new world in the next update

Changes in version 4.2.007:

– Added 20 new levels to play

– Added a new world to discover

– Added pop music

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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