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[MOD] Zombie Squad v1.24 Apk For Android

Download Zombie Squad 1.24 android Zombie Squad 1.24

A large bunch of zombies have attacked the city. They are extremely savage, loot and too hungry, can you resist them ?!

Zombie SquadZombie Squad

For years, the phrase “zombies” has been opened to movies and serials and narrates the story of the end-time for us. The zombies have been so engaging in the fact that the Walking-dead series have been producing and releasing hundreds of episodes on the subject. But the work did not end there, and after a while, computer games began to take off, and the Android operating system did not go far behind, and during this relatively long period of “zombie” games experienced a lot. Zombie Squad is one of the same zombie-style games released by PlayBook 36 for Android for free on Google Play. This fascinating, action and fun title has so far nearly 50 million times downloaded from this e-shop and has earned an acceptable score of 4.2 out of 5, with more than 153,000 registered players.

It’s time to come, something that should not happen happened. The ZOMBIE TOWN AHHH game was created by Play365, a well-known maker of games, which has been downloaded for over five million times before, according to the latest release of the Android Market, which is a compilation of graphics games. And the level. The story of the game begins when you get stuck in an abandoned place. After you get up, you see that the previous world has changed completely and there is nothing but blood and bleeding. Now you have to think for yourself to save yourself. Resurrected humans, or zombies, have come to life, and all the surface of the road has been trapped, you are left, and a road that is the best way to save their annihilation. Start your car and destroy them in any way. Just be careful about your surroundings, because they suddenly destroy you with objects that are in your possession. Also be careful because there are many coins you need to increase power Get them at their next steps.

Features of the Zombie Squad

– Attractive and fun gameplay

– Different style in zombie style

– Convenient controllers and suitable fitting

– Acceptable graphics versus low volume

– Ability to upgrade the car

– Ability to upgrade the weapon

– There are various elements

– Acceptable sound

– completely free!

Changes Version 1.24

New features + Various optimizations and game fixes.

Tips on playing the game

– The regular version of the game is tested on the Xperia Z1 with Android 5.1.1 and is healthy.

– The game is offline!

– In the mods version, the dollar amount is unlimited!

  • Android version required: 3.0
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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