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[MOD] Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse v2.3.5 Direct Apk For Android !

Download game Zombie Hunter Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse v2.3.5 Android - mobile mode version + trailer

Mutated zombies and powerful weapons available to you without any mercy to destroy one after another. The game has decent graphics and breathtaking gameplay.

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Game Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse is a highly graphical and action of first-person shooter game Genera Games made by the company and published recently in the Google Play Store has managed to achieve a score of 4.2 from users around the world.According to the manufacturer, the game ranked first shooter games, sniper rifles, and the zombies win and be the best zombie games. Your task in the game is known as an apocalyptic Musketeers: Kill The Walking Dead in various scenarios that difficult and complex challenges associated with them.

When Call of Duty to be heard. Qnash choice but to survive armed with various weapons of war, or even a bazooka, you do not see in front of you and you should use it to hunt their prey dead that humans have and go from there prevent zombie apocalypse.

In the game “Zombie Hunter” should prepare yourself for the different challenges and that among them: arson, like the terrible storm by the high caliber heavy guns from a helicopter that dares to have Namrdgany the way you are.Attackers also are able to launch rockets into zombies, save the city from the overthrow and occupation. Be quick and nimble to mutant strains of zombies get killed.

Features Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse

– Destroy the zombies in 3D and attractive

– Shooting in horror

– There are 250 mission modes: fast zombies, super zombies, weapons testing campaign

– 5 maps in stunning environments including: Park abandoned, polluted city and poles

– All kinds of light and heavy weapons

– Editor fun and interesting for missions

– Sync your profile with Facebook or Google account

– There are daily rewards

Version 2.3.5

– Added capability to the mission editor, in this case, you can design your own missions and share it with your friends.

– Added new interface

– Added a news wall to play to get the latest news and bonuses

– Added new patches to play along with discount

  • Android version required: 2.3.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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