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[MOD] Zombie Hell 2 – FPS Shooting v1.0 Direct Apk Download

Download game Zombie Hell 2 - Zombie Hell 2 - FPS Shooting v1.0 Android - mobile mode version

The second series game Zombie Hell Zombie your plumbing skills to the test. Three-dimensional graphics and sound, and to prevent the extinction of the human race enjoyed Adrenaline Game sacrifices you!

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Zombie Hell 2 – FPS Shooting The second series game Zombie Hell continues the story of the first series is crafted to destroy the zombies in the deserted town to avoid the risk of extinction of the human race pay. Earth is on the verge of collapse and the planet has been invaded by death. You play in different locations and then you should be using heavy weapons in the hands of zombies and walkers can take you to get ripped! The locations are: the deserted streets of the destroyed city and the railway track. Stunning armory is provided for you to upgrade your weapons and your ability to draw up more zombies you.

The game “Hell Zombie 2” is a fun new game in the genre of action games for the Android OS that was built by Luandun Games Game Studios. The title of Android games due to a three-dimensional graphics, gameplay and breathtaking first-person shooter zombie theme styles popular works can be interesting for fans of the genre. It is worth noting that this game has won this moment Android users around the globe by 4.0 score in the Google Play store.

Features Zombie Hell 2 – FPS Shooting

– Surrounded by breathtaking amazing battle zombies

– Effects visually appealing three-dimensional battle in the exciting scenes

– Upgradable weapons and other items to be ripped off zombies categories

– Battle against extinction, while you enjoy the music and sound Adrenaline Game

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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