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[MOD] Zombie Defense: Adrenaline v3.00 Direct Apk For Android

Download game Zombie Defense: Adrenaline Zombie Defense: Adrenaline v3.00 Android - mobile mode version + trailer

A risky and stressful game Zombie themed first-person shooter gameplay with highly emotional plumbing, the whole action for you is the excitement and stress Android games and the Taliban, is recommended.

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Zombie Defense: Adrenaline is now the most dynamic and the most violent encounter with a zombie game for Android devices you can do plumbing. Of the trench, and his defense against massive markets and to protect the zombies can kill zombies in dust and blood. In this game you’re in danger of dying at any moment. Must act very fast and effective in different situations and try to escape as soon as possible from the city of hell, to apply. Zombie games are extremely fast and furious. If you shoot to their feet began to crawl to reach you. To save more ammo to try to make them more targeted and do not waste a bullet for these creatures. Should you like a ninja shooting skills rapidly.

The game “Zombie Defense: Adrenaline” is a fascinating, exciting and fun for the Android OS is the action game genre has been made by the Pirate Bay Games is a game development studio. The title of Android games due to a favorable three-dimensional graphics, exciting and fun first-person shooter style gameplay and clever in dire need of fast action and reaction from the beginning to the end of the game, can be one of the most exciting Paper Zombie game is available for Android OS. It is worth noting that this game has won this moment Android users around the globe by 4.0 score in the Google Play store.

Features Zombie Defense: Adrenaline

– Action Classic Controller Interface

– Realistic three-dimensional graphics

– Dynamic visual effects

– Very scary and violent deaths

– Endless fear of zombies always hungry

– Three-dimensional open world environment with good detail level

– Destruction of defense equipment by zombies

– Shot in the head, hands and feet zombies

Changes Version 3.00

– Fix some bugs

– Added new levels

– Added new levels

– Choose from two modes, day and night

– Reset parameter weapons

  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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