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The use of high skills in the field of Parkour, you spend all your effort to escape and collect points to improve your skills!

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Always offer a high-volume fanfare games like Modern combat 5, games that are low volume and did not enjoy fantastic graphics but due to creative ideas, a different style and attractive design are highly welcomed and a wide range of users entertain themselves! Vector as one of these categories is that games like Asphalt 8 graphics might not fantastic but for the reasons mentioned above so far has nearly 100 million downloads from Google Play experience just!

This creative game NEKKI by the company emerged apparently satisfied with keeping the audience has been so successful that it accounted for 4.3 out of 5 rating and it helps to know that in signing this privilege more than 2 million 400 thousand people have played a role.

The gameplay revolves around the theme parkour game and plays it rotates but certainly this movement will not be running aimlessly! Not going to get into a game without any special event dictated that you must run! You will definitely run for a cause and consequence of personal danger is that apparently holding a Shockers are looking for you. That person just like you, except that never puts obstacles in parkour skills as you will not be!

The story is simple: the vector must flee, otherwise stuck to happen and it is you who should help and guide him on the field vector in order to do Hraktsh on time. Whatever the vector of his dramatic gestures do more points is more accurate and less time to finish the stage. This helps vector points to upgrade his skills and enhance the speed of operation.

Also during certain stages crafted dramatic gestures, which calls for their use, to score points and unlock it before the start of the stage.Otherwise, instead of showing motion, it forms a lock’ll see!

A scoring system was very eloquent and in the first stage everything is clearer. The way you are coins that if the vector help collect more of them surely will receive an extra bonus. It is obvious that collecting coins is subject to precise movements that demand a lot of skill and certainly not learn this skill in the opening minutes of the game! At the end of each stage, the game will give you from 1 to 3 stars rating scale scores, performance on the stage. Of course, similar to the system used in many popular games such as Angry Birds series also have experience.

We believe that the factors that play vector from other titles in the distinctive style and make it a valuable, it is an innovative idea. Of course, other factors such as low volume, big and small, attractive design environment as well as multiple elements such special skills have also been effective.

Vector features

– Simple yet creative and attractive ideas

– Acceptable graphics to low volume game

– Multiple Elements

– The laws of physics-based gameplay

– There are 20 different stages

– Learn simple

We offer vector play in the prestigious journal idroidplay, it’s a wonderful addressed as have never lost and immediate download.

  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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