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Play two points Two Dots v2.13.2 Android - mobile mode version + trailer

If the fans are unique puzzle game with a score of 4.2 as the more than 300 thousand users can be one of the most entertaining option for you.

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Two Dots Game “two points” a game interesting, fun and unique for the Android operating system in the style of games and puzzles that have been made by Playdots Game Studios. The title of Android games due to a minimalist graphics exemplary and unique, something different and interesting style and addictive gameplay and user-friendly as it could ever user satisfaction and an acclaimed title for those interested in intellectual games. It is worth noting that the game has a score of 4.2 this time won by about 300,000 users all over the globe in the Google Play store.

To join two points of brave adventures while crossing the Arctic tundra. Cross fire of forests and to explore the environment and the world of pay.In the depths of the ocean and hours immersed in an intellectual game in more than 70 countries around the world have been praised for hours of entertainment challenging and mentally beneficial activity on your Android phones and tablets on your page.

Features Two Dots

– Connect one point to another point, a straight line to create, to build the bomb in the busy, fire fighting and work much more unique and challenging puzzle game and thought-provoking in the form of a unique experience do

– Adventure in more than 485 stage and very addictive adventure

– A very beautiful adventure with the issue of connecting the dots

– The minimalist graphics and interesting game and enjoy the pleasant music also amazed

– The best estimates possible moves in different circumstances and in the best time possible every challenge completed

Version 2.13.2

– Added 25 new stages and achieve a number of steps to 760

Version 2.12.2:

– Added 25 new levels

Version 2.10.1:

– 25 new stages

– Fixed bugs and improved game performance

Changes in version 2.9.0:

– Added 25 new levels

– Added exploring the hidden world

Changes in version 2.7.2:

– New sound effects

– 25 new stages

– Added System Hint (Notes)

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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