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[MOD] The Trail v6635 Direct Apk + Data For Android

Play the adventure trail The Trail v6635 Android - along with mode version

The Trail is a new Android releases in the genre of simulation and adventure-based gameplay is built.In this title you will experience a fun adventure!

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 The TrailThe Trail

Style adventure titles that are released for the Android OS, and will always have its own fans. This style is restricted in Android OS can not expect good storytelling and rich gameplay, but in between games that have been found to be acceptable to tell a story with relatively low volume and unique gameplay also have with them. After the storytelling and gameplay, the graphics is the third challenge that manufacturers face this genre of games. The challenge that we think the studio Kongregate well from then on and with the release of his abilities as The Trail game industry has been fixed.

The Trail is a simulation that is as engaging and entertaining style adventure-based gameplay is built. As described by the studio as Kongregate games are completely free to go to the Google Play store and within a short time of its release nearly 5 million downloads of its kind experience that is unparalleled. Apparently, those who have experienced this game, it were satisfied as The Trail won a good rating of 4.4. 5 is the record of more than 60 thousand people were involved.

The story is quite simple and intuitive and smooth starts. Starting the game, in fact, this is your adventure begins. In this adventure you will be faced with a variety of environments, ranging from sailing on the sea of barren desert before you are.Weather conditions also vary, and may pass through the exhausting heat of the desert, not caught in the trap of extreme cold and snow of winter.

Boundless world before you, you should explore every corner of the game to enjoy it. Studio Kongregate tried putting various mini-games to play, The Trail even more attractive, which has been quite successful in doing it. For example, you have a mini-gaming squirrels and ground them, you completely confused.


Landscapes and areas that you may encounter during the game so appealing and realistic that it may take a few minutes to watch the sunset on your game does not even have noticed. Forest green areas, dry desert without water, snowy and cold winter, diverse city full of people and shops are just some of the dozens of cases that they encounter during the game.

You can play along to your favorite city to join the other features of the game you will unlock. After joining his city must do something to better conditions and have the best city in the new world!

Also possible for you to trade using economic intelligence you can gain more wealth and become the richest citizens of the city.

Control of the game is pretty simple promise we’ll even be easier than drinking water. The only thing to do is to put your finger on the screen and the main character by dragging your finger delegation.Let easier to say, to promote the game during gameplay you will be possible only with the same finger.

The game’s graphics are also given the relatively long game, not only acceptable, but somewhat higher than expected and in this case should be congratulated on this great achievement Kongregate bytes. Although perhaps not the most exciting gameplay but is unique in its kind and can keep you entertained for hours and play pile.


Features The Trail

– Engaging gameplay, fun and relatively long

– Style of storytelling adventure with acceptable

– Different weather conditions become more realistic

– There are various mini-games

– There is overwhelming landscapes and regions as diverse as the winter snow and cold

– There are interesting scene like sunset

– There are Jovin mode in the city and added other features of the game

– Ability to trade and richer in Games

– Simple controls and touch screen with a finger

– Acceptable graphics and gameplay compared to the long game

  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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