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[MOD] Subway Surfers v1.63.0 Direct Apk For Android

Play Subway Surfers Subway Surfers v1.63.0 Android - mobile version of Windows + mode

Railway security guards chasing you! While running and game items and bonuses you get from dealing with high-speed trains as well as fear.

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Titles in the genre of “endless runner” are made usually do not have a specific audience and anyone with any taste and every age can enjoy these games. Subway Surfers is one of those games that rivals such as the Temple run on Srahsh if not, definitely the best games available for the Android OS Andrvydkdh look in this style was dubbed! This article was produced by studio game kiloo been published on Google Play has been downloaded nearly 1 billion times and at more than 19 million people have experienced this game won good rating is 4.4 out of 5.

This beautiful play depicts the story of a lovable cartoon character with his skate in the Metro subway is on the run from authorities. Among the obstacles encountered and should help him to act quickly to pass above the obstacles and safely reach its destination. Also, you should be able to eat your coins in the concessions business, you earn points you can add more features to the character and increase his power to escape from authorities.

Download game Subway Surfers to all lovers of exciting games and our record suggests.


Please note that the Windows version must click on the left mouse button and the four cardinal directions Bprkhanyd!

Subway Surfers feature

– Use of high quality HD graphics are nice and colorful

– Run an exciting and dangerous course in the direction of the subway train

– Use a variety of items and special powers along the way, including magnets, Jet Pack etc to increase their record

– There are a wide variety of lovable characters and funny

– In addition to the above you can earn points and move beyond the stages of the game, add new characters to play, each with unique features.

If you are a fan of endless runner games, you will never promise that we will not regret the extra game!

Version 1.63.0

– Subway Surfers now in Washington, DC (Washington, DC)

– The game in this version is decorated with the flags of America! (On the occasion of the approaching presidential election America)

– Added additional features and improve overall game performance

Version 1.62.0:

– Subway Surfers now in Transylvania (Transylvania)

– Added a Halloween theme to play

– On the occasion of the celebration of Halloween, the whole environment full of spirit, castles and forests are scary!

– Added additional features and improve overall game performance

Tips on the run game

– The regular version of the game mode on the phone with Android 5.1.1 Xperia Z1 is tested and safe.

– The game is run completely offline.

– In the edition mode and the keys are unlimited amount of gold!

  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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