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[MOD] Stickman Basketball 2017 v1.1.2 Direct Apk For Android

Play basketball Astykmn 2017 - Stickman Basketball 2017 v1.1.2 Android - mobile mode version

Your favorite team chosen from more than 115 individual and team missions, League Cup and the exciting games right now. Gameplay and smooth animations will play surprise you.

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 Basketball AstykmnStickman Basketball 2017

Stickman Basketball 2017 is an attractive title game in sporty style that has recently been made by Studio Djinnworks GmbH and are completely free in the Google Play Store are presented. It is also leading the game so far with a total vote of about 2 thousand extra points 5.0 and 4.6 of downloads has experienced more than 50 thousand.

Stickman Basketball 2017 as a pure experience in the sport of basketball will pay. Extra games with features such as fast gameplay, amazing location, smooth animations, simple controls and many others have gained popularity in a short time.Choose your favorite teams and leagues, cups and engaging games and exciting quests attend. If you are tired of basketball indoor and law its unique location can also play street basketball experience.The game has a variety of different controllers cover all tastes as well as with more than 115 unique team with a unique special ability as the leading content provided to users.

Stickman Basketball 2017 no in-app purchase. All items within the game for free or by paying in-game virtual money can be taken. Astykmn basketball title in 2017 with more than 115 teams, leagues diverse, unique and even the official League Cup women is one of the best sports titles on Android operating system.


Features Stickman Basketball 2017

– Different gameplay modes including Quick mode, season, league, cup, knockout, educational and special mode graveyard!

– More than 115 basketball team to select

– Official League women’s team official

– Supports editor

– There is a multiplayer mode with support for 4 controllers

– Party Mode supports 4 players on one device only

– All kinds of different items, including special moves, unique balls and many more

– Supports up to 4 players complete game controller

– Complete season, leagues and cups exciting and engaging games

– 4 different difficulty levels suitable for novice to professional

– Touch simple, yet accurate and powerful

– The running mode automatically or manually Players

– Smooth animations, along with fixed frames 60 frames per second

Version 1.1.2

– Fix problems and improve overall game performance

Tips on the run game

– The regular version of the game mode on the phone with Android 5.1.1 Xperia Z1 is tested and safe.

– The game will be also applicable to offline.

– Mode version may not run properly on some phones!

  • Android version required: 3.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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