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[MOD] Sniper Fury v1.6.1a Direct Apk For Android

Download game Rage Sniper Sniper Fury v1.6.1a Android - mobile mode version + trailer

Whatever you offer to display and save the human race to survive and get to the battlefield way, in the spirit of a graphic and destroy enemies with various weapons.

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Sniper Fury game “Rage sniper” is a fascinating, exciting and popular action games for the Android OS which is in the style of the famous game studio Gameloft has been made. The title of the Android game due to an ultra-realistic graphics and detailed three-dimensional, with fully simulated characters and visual effects worthy of appreciation as well as first-person shooter gameplay is excellent, among the best shooters and perhaps one of the most high-profile games in terms of graphics is placed. It is worth noting that the game has now won a good score by Android users around the globe is 4.3.

There is no opportunity for diplomatic action and the time has come to move and battle. We are collecting the best sniper rifles are to join forces. All troops are fighting and the targeting of evil creatures that have spread around the world. A task that has been entrusted to you not as a game.Room for defeated soldiers are not intended to be so much in store for you to display and save the human race into battle for their survival and a way in. Current games and first-person shooter games and the graphics is high and impressive.

Modern warfare and the next generation

Certified as an officer access to a variety of weapons, sniper rifles, assault weapons rail and top-secret weapons given to you to challenge its military capabilities. During the missions the game has to collect items and equipment that are effective in promoting your war armory. Also for weapons in the armory element provides unique customization that can take them to diversify the appearance of weapons.

Challenge other players in PVP multiplayer battles

When you join a multiplayer battles an eye on enemy resources and sew it to be raided. They destroy the defense to open the way to steal its resources. You are also available to complete special missions that have extra achievements. You can join the community and the achievement of additional Sniper Fury players also enjoy it.

Sniper Fury features

– Includes over 130 stage action and stirring

– Three-dimensional incredible graphics that takes you into a world not too distant future

– The elements and items such as next generation astonishing skyscrapers urban and exotic locations

– Slow motion when precise sniper shots with different effects

Changes in version 1.6.1a

– The possibility of forming or joining Cologne by sniper

– Ability to share strategies in group chats and the ability to share resources and exchange

– Team up with members of Cologne to deal with large enemies

– Earn Achievements for collaboration

– New coastal location

– New design and colorful for weapons

– A new squad and new ammunition vests

– Equipment amazing special forces

– Daily challenges and achievements More

Version 1.5.0l:

– Added a new map

– 2 new special mission

– Full customization of characters Shooting proprietary equipment

– Ability to choose different skins for bullets

Changes in version 1.3.0i:

– Increased firepower bullets

– Added three new gun

– Added new achievements

– Added possibility to open 10 new Achievements

– Added a new location

  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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