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[MOD] SimCity BuildIt v1.24.3.78532 Apk For Android

Download SimCity BuildIt Android game simulator

To boost the city and increase its revenue and development, try to successfully complete everything you think is right and prove your ability to all the people of the city.Read Also..

SimCity BuildIt is a great game that has just been released for Android and designed and developed by EA . Welcome Mayor! Yes that’s right! You are the mayor of this city and the board of directors and the people of the city are also very happy that you are the mayor. Now you have to succeed in boosting the city and boosting its revenue and development, and prove its abilities to all the people of the city. It’s good to expand your city and make it bigger than before, but more importantly, citizens are happy with you and able to meet their needs as a successful mayor! The game has a huge number of 3D buildings with a very high graphics and colorful environment, no doubt as though we’ve seen it in less Android games! You can move 360 ​​degrees to your city and buildings and play online with your friends online and offline. SimCity BuildIt is one of the top simulationgames ever released for Android smartphones and tablets, and will undoubtedly surprise fans of these kind of games. We do not miss out on this amazing game at all.

To keep your citizens happy, you need to consider their daily problems and solve them. Problems such as traffic, fires and excessive population growth. To communicate with people, you need to create institutions to get information about their opinions, and also the formation of a police organization is one of the most important issues. Control your city’s population with culture and training. You can minimize traffic congestion by building highways and new streets and get rid of the city’s population. You will experience a very interesting challenge to shaping your own community. You can compete with other players around the world with your own results in the city office and get close to the top of the tournament table. You will face new challenges every week and you will have to try to step up the championship in the exciting city of metropolises. The graphics of the game, despite the amazing diversity of the German and the huge structures of the gorge is very beautiful. The cheerful details of the SimCity BuildIt graphics game make everyone admire.


please pay attention:

Unfortunately, some of the Android-language Persian sites have been publishing version of this game. But all editions of the published release are corrupted and will not be executed. So the Moody Edition has not been released for this game on the Android site. Use the regular version. Thanks!

SimCity BuildIt features

– Fun gameplay

– The true sense of the mayor despite the wide range of elements in the game

– Good and acceptable graphics

– Ability to play both offline and online

– 3D and 360 degree being

Changes Version

– Making a dream beach line with Waterfront Wharf and Yacht Club

– Creating a private beach

– Open high-rise buildings on the beach

  • Name: SimCity BuildIt
  • Version:
  • Last updated: 3 مهر 1397
  • Android version required: 3.0
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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