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[MOD] Reckless Racing 3 v1.2.1 Direct Apk + Data For Android

Download game Reckless Racing 3 - Reckless Racing 3 v1.2.1 Android - mobile data + mode

Select your favorite car and join the exciting matches and engaging games. The game has great gameplay and beautiful graphics to detail is great.

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 Reckless Racing 3Reckless Racing 3

Reckless Racing 3 is an attractive title game in the style of racing that has just been made by Pixelbite famous studio at a price of about $ 3 Google Play Store are presented. It is also leading the game so far with a total of about 15 thousand votes up 4.4 points from 5.0 and has experienced more than 500 thousand downloads.

Finally, after a long wait famous and unique games released for Android Reckless Racing 3 and will surprise fans of the series. This series of games is one of the best and most attractive car racing games on Android that in addition to the gameplay and excellent graphics will give you a unique experience and users will be surprised. The third edition of this game with more stages, larger machines such as trucks and dirty environment than in the past returned to a unique experience to the user. One of the cars in the game to your taste and participate in various competitions and all their efforts to define the win and the money earned to buy more your items. Over time, you can customize a very powerful cars!


Reckless Racing 3 features

– One of the most graphically Android games to date

– 36 tracks in six unique and attractive environment.

– There are 28 different cars to choose from

– Modes and multiple missions and engaging

– Detailed graphics and sophisticated physics than ever

– Adjustable and professional touch controls

– Full support for gamepad

– There are in-app purchases to progress faster in the game

– There’s leaderboard and achievements Google Play

– Support for multiple languages including English, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc.

Version 1.2.1

– Fixed a game crash problem on some devices Huawei brand

learn inistallation

1. apk file and download the game data.

2. Extract the data files are GMT.

3. Navigate to the folder that starts with com name in the device’s internal storage Android / Obb place.

4. apk file, install it and enjoy the game.


  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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