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[MOD] Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD v1.11.0 Apk For Android


Download Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD 1.11.0 Arcade Defense: Legendary Hero Android + Mod

Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD This game is a tower defense challenge that is presented in a magical and fantasy world. Epic heroes fight in battles to defend their

Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD This game is a tower defense challenge that is presented in a magical and fantasy world. Epic heroes fight in battles to defend the kingdom with their superior strategies. You can join the knight Death with other knights, dragons, witches, ice queen and other ancient gods in this adventure. The devilish forces are gathered together. Why do they go and where are their houses? Nobody knows that the ways that they are taking the earth on earth are looking at things on the map. Different empires are united to survive and survive. Life and all their purposes have no meaning for these evil devils. The lands are destroyed. The torches are burned. For ordinary people, suffering and misery begin. They are suffering from this situation. It’s going to happen. There is only one option for united compromises, and that is to defend. Are you ready?This game is a tower defense game that challenges old and old players. Using your powers and abilities, you have to escape from the wave of numerous threats of your enemies in 100 levels in this game. In the forest Dense mountains, snowy mountains and deserts and stand against the Jenny Army, Squats, and so on.Launch the beams of fire and use the magic bars to create walls on the map. Invite your community. This game presents a variety of challenges. By using different strategies and intelligence you can overcome the different situations. Save the defenseless villagers and collect important resources and hire a legendary hero with deadly abilities to accompany you to these evil enemies.

Features of Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD

Has over 100 different levels with different gameplay
Multiple worlds to play in 4 different towers
Compete in tournaments to demonstrate your skills in defending the tower and earning a grand prize
There are powerful heroes with unique abilities that accompany you in this game
There are various enemies that offer you different challenges, as well as combat them
Beautiful landscapes and animated characters

Changes Version 1.11.0

* Various optimizations and game fixes + Added 10 new levels

  • Name: Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD
  • Version: 1.11.0
  • Last updated: April 14, 1397
  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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