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[MOD] Real Steel World Robot Boxing v26.26.729 Direct Apk + Data For Android

Play Racing boxing robots Real Steel World Robot Boxing v26.26.729 Android - mobile data + mode

A famous game and graphics on the theme of the competition atmosphere pitched battle robot, which has earned for itself and is now the holder of a 4.4 score.

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Style action game for Android OS is produced that always have their own fans and enormous, and will be! That’s why there are so many game companies will focus on the production of further action game in the style put! Real Steel World Robot Boxing as one of the categories of games is that Google has a large fan base and has more than 10 million times from the online store for free downloads. The offer by the company as Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited made at the time of publication on Google Play has been able to obtain acceptable scores 4.4 out of 5 rating in the registration of over one million and seven hundred thousand people are involved .

Interested in Hollywood movies you are familiar with American film Real Steel. The match official version of the famous film, Real Steel is faced with a great welcome like his cinematic version. Your fighter robots can be seen between the robots in the movie Real Steel chosen to join fierce fighting machine. Over 11 Arena in a fight in games that are unique to each.

The story is very simple, just enter the ring race and become the hero robots! In the face of horrific battle between the robots will experience that will bring you to ecstasy. The robot movements and blows it according to the laws of physics are designed to feel good for the players association and will knock out of the game a little hard. In the game Real Steel World Robot Boxing may get in front of giant robots that at first glance may seem to get lost but a little careful and nimble to spend your stack as you’ve surely wins the race will go up!

Take 2 or multiplayer games via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are also provided so that you can also play with your friends and your power to drag its place. You can also customize and upgrade your robot is that it needs to cut labor costs down and competitions to promote your robot to get the!

Real Steel World Robot Boxing features

– There are 24 powerful robot known as Zeus and other famous robots

– 10 different regions to fight this giant robots

– 4 different game modes (Championship, Time Attack, free sparring and fighting daily)

– The ability to play online via Wifi with the possibility to specify your friend’s location

– Customize your robot and defeat all opponents on the battlefield

Version 26.26.729

– A new Super Robot: OLYMPUS

– Two new robots for missions alive

– Arena Summer Games new

Version 25.25.714:

– Added three new area

– Added option VIP

– Legend – become master!

– New Super Robot

– Fixed a problem and added a few other features

Version 24.24.599:

– Ability to destroy opponents in PVP

– Added new robots

– Performance improved battle

– Added possibility to exclusive deals

Version 23.23.576:

– Complete the big event

– Unleash powerful fighters

– Added big rewards

– Added the possibility of new robots

– Added possibility to fight in the Arctic Storm

Version 22.22.554:

– Added a golden robot

– Added Gold Series

  • Android version required: 2.3.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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