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[MOD] Overkill v2.1.0 Direct Apk + Data For Android

Play Mass Destruction Overkill v2.1.0 Android - mobile data + mode

The first series of mass destruction, which to date has been published in multiple copies and earned her many fans. Shooter compete online and offline to finally experience the excitement in the game.

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Overkill initial series of mass destruction popular first-person shooter gameplay with the action and detailed graphics were updated to the new version.Mass killing everything in the game is to shoot down short. Should improve your deadly weapon and distinctive factor each with multiple upgrades boost. Do not pour the blood to be shed your blood enemy. Be aware that to continue and win the various challenges that require quick reaction and maximize your shooting skills. Do you have what is needed to move beyond the stages of the game you can see on your own? You can compete with other players from around the world in fun multiplayer using WiFi or 3g connection to the server was playing. Improve its position in the ranking games and online step by step closer to the top of the competition.

The ability to cross-platform game for iOS operating system to communicate with the basic user and multiplayer competition runs for you. Weak players in the novice class category and the more enemies to fight on. But in the expert class enemies and kill them faster rookie class is not easy. Above your skill and your power to become a sniper expert to be able to quickly improve its position in the higher class. Class snipers were firing force provided for most sharp and your enemies will be very intelligent and challenging.

Play the “mass destruction” an exciting and popular games for the Android OS in the light arcades that have been made by Craneballs Game Studios title of Android games due to a detailed three-dimensional graphics, style first-person shooter gameplay as well as a popular theme styles can be a good option among the flood shooters are available for the Android platform. It is worth noting that the game has now won a 4.4 score by more than 40,000 users all over the globe in the Google Play store.

Overkill features

– Violent and full of bleeding with a big blast effects

– Quality three-dimensional graphics and details

– Music and sound impeccable and realistic

– Ability to upgrade weapons

Version 2.1.0

– Ability to play online using Wi-Fi or 3g

– Added the ability to cross-platform

– All classes are free multiplayer now

– Ability to remove friends from lists

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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