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His empire was built and equipped with defensive buildings and all sorts of traps protect it. You may also build a strong army to attack enemy territories and the looting of their resources.

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Your territory and with proper management it’s not powerful. Your task as a king is to put in place proper defenses and all the deadly traps to protect their land and formed a strong army to attack and other lands in epic of war, destroy them.

With advances in technology can play through research, building defenses and upgrade your army to expand their territory further.

You can plunder their resources by attacking other territories and defense and military equipment to use it. You may also digging ditches and other traps of their resources to the best possible protection.

The game also makes use of the ability to join the group and you can subscribe to your favorite band into an epic battle between the groups in.

Lords & Castles by Studio Codigames and built in the style of strategy games and has 4.2 points from 5.0 and has experienced more than 50 million downloads.

Features Lords & Castles

– Design your own empire and equip it with defenses and traps

– The attack on the territory of the other players, and defend your land against them

– Chat with friends and other gamers

– All parts and game modes are completely free.

– Connect to your Google account to save game

– Optimized for Android phones and tablets

Changes Version 1.23

– Put statues and other decorations in the town directly by yourself

– Fix problems and optimize game performance

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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